3 Ways to suck 'em in with a story

If you’ve been in direct-response marketing for any length of time, then no doubt you are aware of the power of story-telling.

Telling your prospect a story is an incredibly effective way of lulling them into a trance, so that they don’t realize you’re trying to sell them something.

It’s also a nice way for you to communicate what you want, without being pushy, offensive, or salesy. So everyone benefits here.

But how do you tell a story?

How do you introduce a story to your prospect?

After all, you can’t open up a sales letter with, “Once upon a time…”, now can you?

So let’s take a look at a few ways you can do this:

First, one easy way is to just be direct, like this:

“Six months ago, I received a letter in the mail just like this. Here’s what happened…”

You can also just sort of like, “interrupt” your prospect, like this:

“When I heard gunshots right outside my daughter’s window… I knew I had to do something drastic, and I knew I had to take care of it right NOW.”

Making a bold, dramatic statement like this gets anyone’s attention. (Of course you want to make the statement relevant to who you’re speaking to, right? You wouldn’t want to make that last statement if you’re talking to a bunch of teenagers who are interested in video games!)

Or, you can simply ask a relevant and provocative question, like these:

“Do you dread Monday mornings?”

“If you could shave three strokes off your golf game in the next 30 days… how much do you think that would be worth to you?”

Or… “How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I have just GOT to get more sleep at night!’”

Notice, all these are very natural. Nothing phony or uncomfortable here, right?

Remember, good copywriting is all about being human, And compelling conversation doesn’t vary much, whether it’s in person or in print.

Write like you speak and you’re on your way.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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