The Right Voice To Write And Sell In

3 Ways to sell to your list: Which one of them is best for you? (Choosing the right voice to write (and sell) in)

Today’s tip is only for people who are willing to go the extra mile when you’re trying to sell in print.

It’s like doing cardio before or after you work out with weights — only the die-hards are going to do it.

Similarly, only those people who are die-hards are going to consider today’s topic. And that topic is… deciding on which “voice” you’re going to write in, when you’re selling.

In other words, “who” is going to be speaking (and trying to sell to) your buyers?

Now by and large, there are only three voices you can use:

1. Your own voice.

In this case, YOU (as the person selling) are going to be speaking directly to your buyers in the first person.

Just like I’m speaking to you, right now.

2. Someone else’s voice – someone specific, though.

Typically, this is going to be a satisfied customer who’s used your products or services, or some kind of industry or trade expert, like a doctor, perhaps.

When you do this, it’s like a very credible testimonial… or a first-person case study.

Some satisfied customer or recognized expert will be speaking to your buyers, and telling them how wonderful your products and services are. And why they’re so wonderful… and why they should buy them.

3. Someone else’s voice – but this time, a third party who’s unknown, and undefined.

In this case, you’re speaking directly to your buyers, but not in your own voice.

Under this scenario, you’re speaking as a non-biased third party. Like a reporter writing a news article, or reporting on a rock concert they saw.

In general, this is the most common voice you’ll use, when you’re trying to generate leads.

The other two voices are more common in selling situations — although, of course, using a recognized expert to generate leads isn’t a bad thing, at all.

Using a happy customer, is a little more suspect when it comes to generating leads, but that’s not to say it couldn’t work.

The bottom line is — before you write, make sure you consider what you’re trying to do, and whose voice is best suited to accomplishing this… rather than just “winging it.”

“Winging it” is great when you’re out with your buddies on a Saturday night. But not so much when it comes to selling something.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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