3 Ways to make your prospects pay close attention to you:

Over the next few days I’m going to give you the 3-step formula to carrying on a conversation with your prospects, that leads you to a sale.

And the nice thing about this formula is that it’s not confined to copywriting and to print. If you sell in person or even over the phone, and you use these three strategies as the framework for your sales pitch, your prospects will find you compelling and provocative.

Add a good offer to this, and you’re well on your way to becoming irresistible.

So here goes. The three things you have to do to keep your prospects engaged and interested, and to establish rapport, are…

Educate, entertain, and inform.

If you are educating, entertaining and informing your prospects, you’ve got the entire package complete.

Today let’s talk about the most mundane of these three components, “educate.”

The way to educate your prospects is to give them a list of features and benefits about what you’re selling them.

Features are what your product is… and benefits of course, are what your product does for your prospect.

So for instance, if you’re selling a sofa, you might say how the sofa’s constructed of high-tech materials and how it’s been tested for durability in a lab, and that it’s guaranteed to last no less than 10 years from the day you sell it. See, that’s a feature (high-tech construction) and a benefit (lasts 10 years).

If you’re selling artwork, you might talk about the uniqueness and limited availability of these pieces, and how they’ve proven to appreciate in value over time and how they always get recognized for their unique design properties.

There you have the feature (unique design, limited availability) and the benefit (appreciation in value and vanity recognition).

See, it’s easy.


Good. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about informing, so tune in then — same Bat Time… same Bat Channel.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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I wanted to see if you have a system you use from start-to-finish, in putting together a sales campaign? I’m sitting here trying to create this on my own, and it seems that if you have something you routinely use, that would be wonderful.

Much thanks and appreciation. I’m excited to get this going, and realize a ROI on my investment in your course. I love all the content, and I’ll definitely let you know my success. If I can see a return on my investment in this course, it seems that it would only make sense to make an additional investment in your Marketing Mavericks program. Looking forward to it. Sincerely, Gabriel”

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