3 ways to magnetize (and monetize) your prospects in print

I’m a print guy — I love selling in print.  Online or offline… newspaper or trade magazine… direct mail or e-mail… doesn’t matter.  I love using written words to sell.

I find it almost magical, and even after almost ten years at it, generating orders through printed media still feels like magic to me.

In fact, even though in-person selling and teleseminars and webinars and such, are sometimes more effective, as far as conversion rates go… they don’t thrill me like print media does.

And here’s why.  Much of your ability to sell in person is muted in print.  You have no ability to communicate using the tone of your voice… whatever you’re saying had better be crystal clear, because you don’t have any room for changes or corrections — you don’t get any “second chances,” like you do in person… and you’re nonverbal signals, which some people say account for over 70% of your total communication skills, are completely removed.  All the hand gestures and pointing in the world aren’t going to help you in print, right?

This is why selling in print is so thrilling.  It’s an incredible challenge and one you need to be well prepared for.

Having said this, here are three very effective strategies you can use that “create” the appearance of non-verbal communication.  Each of them help you control the flow of whatever it is you’re trying to say, and each of them help establish rapport with your prospect.

1.  Make your prospects relaxed.

One way to do this is to simply ask your prospects to do things that make them think.

For example…

Think about the last time you felt relaxed.

I mean, truly relaxed with nothing going on in the back of your mind related to work or bills or any other stress you might have.

Can you even remember when that was?

What were you doing that made you so relaxed?

Very effective, isn’t it?

2.  Get them involved and vested in what you’re saying.

There are loads of ways to do this, but one strategy I like using, is quizzes.  Here, take a look a this:

Take this parenting quiz to find out how much you know about what you’re feeding your child:

Which of these 5 foods stimulates the most growth of long-term brain cells in children under age 5?

a. Chicken

b. Diced carrots

c.  Broccoli

d.  Boiled sweet potatoes

e.  Tony Roma’s Onion Loaf

(I have no idea what the answer is, but you get what I’m trying to say, right?)

3.  Slow them down from time to time.

You want to make sure you’re prospects are soaking up every single word you say.  So from time to time you want to slow them down, and one way of doing this (besides the first two things we already talked about) is to use short paragraphs.

Like this…



And this…


Each one of these techniques is incredibly effective if you use them the way I’ve shown you.  And each one of them increases your rapport, the time your prospect spends with you — and… your sales.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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