3 Ways to get it going.

Yesterday we were talking about how hard it is to get started writing sales copy.

About how important it is to bring on all the energy and enthusiasm you can to your opening, and yet… how unnatural this is because there’s no time for you to “warm up” or get into your message.

Here are a few, very practical and easy ways of overcoming this problem:

1. First, just assume that you’re going to start writing your sales copy, but you’re automatically going to wind up tossing the first few paragraphs, or even the first few pages, of what you write.

Just like working out in the gym or shooting baskets, you’re going to need to “stretch out” for a while, and then you’ll be ready to get to the real meat of what you’re doing.

2. Second, don’t write when you have to write — write when you WANT to write. Let’s face it, nothing takes the place of genuine enthusiasm, so if you’re feeling excited, that’s the time to take action!

Just the same way you don’t ask someone out on a date when you’re feeling low, you don’t sit down and write until the timing’s right. Remember, in any selling scenario — he who has the most energy, wins.

Make sure that’s YOU!

3. Lastly — and this is what I do — do LOADS of research ahead of time on your product and your customer. If you’ve done enough research, you should have so much to say, you should practically be bursting with ideas and thoughts.

This way, when you finally sit down and start writing, it should be like a volcano erupting. Sure you’re going to have to clean up the mess and do a bunch of editing later, but in this situation, the LAST thing you’ll need to worry about, is your energy level.

Like I said yesterday, it’s critical you introduce yourself to your prospect, with a buzz. Using any of these strategies gives you the “lift” that might very well mean the difference between mediocre… and wildly successful!

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Yesterday I received this e-mail from Ron Reich out of Claremont, California:

“Hi Craig, First off, I really enjoyed your “King’s Treasure Chest” this month. Especially where you talk about your specfic process for writing a sales (e.g. order form first, then headlines, etc). This is the EXACT kind of stuff I like reading about in your letter.

Personally, the stuff I like most about your newsletter is the specific nitty gritty copywriting tactics and techniques.

Anyway, my question is, in order to become a better marketer and copywriter, how would you recommend somone balance actually writing copy and marketing pieces vs. studying copywriting courses, sales letters, etc.

In my case, I’m spending almost all my time writing marketing pieces etc for my businesses but I’ve neglected doing things like studying copywriting courses and copying letters by hand, etc. I know I should be doing more of this. What do you recommend.

I’m pretty sure your answer is probably going to be somethink like “stop sleeping and doing it all.” Haha. thanks,”

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