3 Foolish beliefs about money

When I consult with people, many times the reason they aren’t making money is because of some existing hangups about having money.

Here are the three most common misconceptions I hear, along with some running commentary that might help you if you’ve ever had some of these thoughts yourself.

One, rich people are greedy and dishonest.

This one’s been around as long as there’s been commerce. In fact, it was a major hangup of mine, and it was something told to me repeatedly when I was a little kid.

So what happens when you hear this is that your subconscious mind (which believes this to be true), becomes conflicted when your conscious mind once you go out and try to make a good living. This causes a mess that ultimately… your subconscious mind wins.

It is tough to overcome this — the thing that did it for me was when I started hanging around a bunch of wealthy people and I realized this belief was incorrect.

In fact, the only people that say things like this are people who’ve NEVER had a pot to piss in. I have met FAR more respectable and kind wealthy people, than poor people.

That’s not elitism, it’s a fact.

Want to know why?

Wealthy people are happy — they have money and things to do with it! It’s easy to be kind and compassionate when you have money. When you’re broke all you can think about is getting un-broke.

Make sense?

Two, you can’t have money and be spiritually pure. That somehow the struggle of being poor adds some sort of “character” to your life.

It’s nice to believe there’s some sort of false sense of nobility about being broke, and many people even have a sense of righteous indignation about it, but let’s face it — there’s also some sort of false sense of nobility about being a member of a certain church… or working for a certain firm or hanging out with a certain celebrity.

But the harsh reality of life is that most people are far too consumed with their own lives, to really concern themselves with what you’re doing.

No one really cares whether you’re rich or poor, nor should they. If you’re not invested in yourself, you lose, brother.

No one else.

I also don’t know whether or not being poor forever adds character, but… I do know LOADS of people with incredible personalities who were poor and now aren’t, including me. Now THAT journey adds character.

And lastly, “I don’t deserve to be rich.”

This one is just an underlying thought from feeling undeserving, in general. You get this when you’ve been doing things the same way for so long, that being in this deprived state just becomes your new “norm.”

And by the way, any state you’re in makes you feel this way.

For example, if you didn’t wear shoes for a year, wearing shoes and socks would seem dramatically different and actually out of your comfort zone at this point. This is normal, but these undeserving feelings are simply incorrect and based in habits and not facts.

Here’s the real deal: having money is ok… wanting money is ok… and you deserve to be wealthy.

But… only if you believe you do.

Got it?

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Have a great weekend.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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