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Dear Friend,

Would you like to know THE 22 eye-opening inside secrets you can use, to completely eliminate all your marketing headaches starting IMMEDIATELY?

Here's the deal:  I receive more marketing and copywriting questions from my subscribers each week, then all 3 of my young children even ask me in a year!

Now obviously I can't answer these questions individually, because if I did I'd never get any work done.  And the truth is, I rarely give "open" interviews because bluntly, I don't need to. 

Anyway, the other night I "broke down" and ran a teleseminar and I invited a few of my subscribers to send in questions for me to answer.  Their job was to tell me the ONE marketing problem that's giving them the most frustartion in their business, and my job was to solve that problem. for them.

And I did -- Lock, Stock... and Barrel!

Here's what happened:  I took the top 22 questions (of the hundreds I received) and answered them in rapid-fire style.  The questions were all over the board, and not only did I answer the questions, but I actually gave out "real-life" examples for you to use, so you can handle a HUGE vairety of situations you're encountering in your business on a daily basis, as well as explaining the "reasons why" you need to do the things I've told you.  Meaning...

Why they make your prospects buy!

Well, the second I hung up the phone after it was over (I spent nearly 90 minutes blasting away), my inbox was literally FLOODED with messages, basically telling me how great things went and when was I going to do the next teleseminar.

Comments like this:

"Craig, that was awesome!  I haven't heard anything that good since I first listened to Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Markeing way back when.  The only problem is, I wish you spoke longer -- I could've gone all night!  Way to go."   Dan Schulz - New York, NY

"I'm not a copywriter, not even in the info-marketing business. I am CTO for a dot.com and stumbled across Craig's site looking for something else.  I was so intrigued and captivated by his style that I decided to sign up for his (at the time they were weekly) tips. I have been a fan ever since.

Craig tells it like it is, with a no-hold-barred attitude that's missing from today's professionals. Even though my company doesn't do direct response, I've used several of his tips in my daily life as the technology guru for $3Mil company. If I ever need help in direct response there's only
one person I would call on. Bravo, Craig!"   Kevin P. Mahoney - Cedar Park, Texas

So now here's the bad news:

There is no way in hell I am going to do
another phone call like this... for a while!


I'm simply W-A-A-Y too busy!

But where there's a loss, there's always a gain somewhere, and in this case, the gain is yours, BIG-TIME!

And here's why:  I managed to put this interview together, along with some other "behind the scenes " markeing information, and I've come up with a private little direct-response marketing and sales copy "field kit" you can use and benefit from -- regardless of what kind of business you're in... regardless of where you or your customers are located... and regardless of your marketing skill set.

The information in this field kit... the examples I'm showing you... and all the extras I've included in this system, called "22 Ways To Completely Eliminate ALL Your Marketing Headaches Right NOW!" contains REAL "How To" information, delivered to you in my "no-nonsense" style, in plain-and-simple English. 

Outside of having to deal with not being able to keep up with me (which is no problem since you're getting the transcript of the call as well), the information on this call is so easy to use and so straight-forward, even your anal-retentive accountant would be able to easily utilize everything and benefit from it!

I'm so sure about this, you can take up to SIX 12 FULL MONTHS to decide whether you like it or not, in case you can't make up your mind.  And in fact, if you disagree, just let me know and I'll buy the entire package back from you. 

Look, if you're like most people, in reality you're really and truly "this close" to your next big financial breakthrough in your business!

And eliminating your toughest marketing challenges is by far, the biggest obstacle standing in your way of getting there.

I'll show you how to do this in more ways than one inside this new marketing kit.

Oh, and by the way, even though you'd have to pay me no LESS than $750 dollars get me to sit down and get grilled the way I was on this interview, you can now experience this event for only a fraction of that cost.

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll uncover in this down-and-dirty exposé:

  • How to get clients!  Whether you're a copywriter or a masseuse, you'll discover several examples of how to open up doors for yourself, so you can get the types of clients you want , and maybe even more important... how to establish a client-vendor relationship under YOUR terms and conditions, NOT your prospects!

  • How to distinguish yourself from the very crowded pool of competitors you're up against!  What's the best marketing "spin" for you and your business?

  • How to stay "on track" and focused!  In today's day-and-age, with loads of information and ideas hitting you non-stop, how do you see things through to the end without either throwing in the towel, or getting lulled away by "Entrepreneurial ADD"?

  • How to gain "instant" credibility when you're selling into an industry where there are LOADS of shady characters who've made selling incredibly difficult for honest people like you!

  • How to use simple gifts like "doughnuts" and other small snacks, to warm up a prospect!  (Hmmm... jelly or glazed?)

  • Discover the very best way to get the word out to your existing clients and prospects about new products you're selling!  (And what's the fastest and easiest way to do this!)

  • How to convert your subscribers from readers to buyers!  (And isn't that what it's all about?)

  • How to sell BORING and otherwise non-noticeable consumer products: What to do... and what NOT to do!

  • How to get your customers "involved" with your product when you're selling retail items!  Find out how to use pushups and situps to close your sale!

  • How to use "scarcity" to sell, and how to "qualify" your customers to "instantly" build up demand for your goods and services!

  • The right way... and the wrong way... to react when someone "swipes" your marketing ideas!  How do you outfox the foxes?  The answer will surprise you!

  • What to look for even when everything's going "right" in your business!

  • Discover how to nail down what the best marketing media to use is, so you can most effectively reach your prospects! Uncover where they're hiding and how to get through to them!

  • Find out which one of Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles Of Success is the most important one if you want to elevate your game... get motivated... and stay focused and on-task.  Taking this one step alone will DRAMATICALLY change your life as it has done mine.

  • How to sell a boring and mundane service related to real estate and completely jazz things up!  You'll also find out how to make a "sale before the sale"!

  • How to get the word out about new products you're coming out with, so your prospects actually sit up and take notice of you!

  • How to convert your list members from "readers"... to buyers!

  • Why you must be "transparent" in your marketing... and how to do this so you're believable, and most important, so you're building a "rock-solid" relationship with your prospects, based on ever-lasting trust, so... they'll buy... buy... buy!

  • How to "convince" people to see the value of what you're selling!  You won't like the answer to this one... in fact, the answer may disappoint you, but sometimes... reality... isn't very nice!

  • How to stop cold calling and start attracting pre-qualified hungry prospects eager to work with you!

  • Find out how often should you be following up with your prospects... and what you should you be saying to them!

  • How to open up an upscale retail massage business and shortly explode your sales using these 5 different marketing "tricks"!  And don't worry... one of them wasn't "make sure you're customers are all leaving with a 'happy ending'!"

  • If you're selling information, how can you figure out the best kind of media to sell!  And why you should never EVER "sell" e-books!

  • How do you find prospects for your business!  Where to go... and where NOT to!

  • How to position a truly MAJOR product or service innovation, development or breakthrough!  And... how to make yourself look "different" from everyone else who's using super-hypey sales copy to try and do this same thing yet can't back it up!

  • How to get suppliers in your niche to sponsor your seminars and do joint ventures with you!
  • How to take advantage of and use "unconventional" media to market yourself!  Media... that in fact... your prospects would actually prefer ( discover why)!

  • How to sell an unusual form of "music"!  Where to find your prospects and how to get them involved with your business so they buy!

  • How to "break down" the walls of a "good-old boy business network" and get recognized, and... how to stand out amongst the established "old-timers" in your industry!

  • How often should you follow up with your clients and prospects!  (And... what happens if you don't do this!)

And... much more!

The bottom line is, by the time you finish listening to this call, your head will be spinning!

There is simply is more hard-hitting content
on this Audio CD, than you can digest in one sitting alone.

In fact, the most common e-mail I get from clients, the day after I've done some consulting with them, is something like this:

"Craig, I hate you.  I was up ALL NIGHT LONG because of our conversation.  You gave me so many fresh new ideas, I didn't know which one of them to start focusing on first."

Well, bubba... that ain't a bad problem to have, now is it?

You also get these three BONUS items inside your package, a $396 Dollar value, so you can experience "maximum marketing wisdom":

  • A certificate good for one sales copy critique, which is a $250 Dollar value.  And...
  • A FULL written transcript of every question-and-answer on the call.  This way, you can read along with the transcript , taking notes on all the relevant points and ideas as they're popping into your mind while you're listening to the calls.  Plus, since different people "listen" best, using different senses -- in case you're more of a "visual", this one's right up your alley.   (Value - $47 Dollars)
  • I will also reveal to you, the sneaky little secret I recently used to boost one of my clients sales by 5%.  This will very conservatiely put over $18,000 Dollars into his pocket in the next 18 months alone -- "found money" if you will.  (Value - $97!)

But that's not all!

Here's something else I did that makes this entire offer totally obscene. On top of everything else, since the quality of the recording wasn't up to my usual standards (but was still MUCH better than MANY tapes and CD's I've invested in), you also get ANOTHER 82-minute interview I did, just so I feel better about things.

And don't worry, this little "marketing phone call on steroids" comes with my...

100% Risk-FREE Six 12-Month GUARANTEE

And here it is:  Order "22 Ways To Completely Eliminate ALL Your Marketing Headaches... Right NOW!"  Take your time listening to the Audio CD's, and read through all the information that's packed inside.  Make notes along the way and then start applying all the inside marketing secrets you pick up, to your very own business.

Then, send in your sales copy critique and put in all the tweaks I suggest you make (I'm practically giving away the house here.)  Take up to SIX 12 FULL MONTHS to do this.  If, at any point during that time, you do NOT feel the information you received was worth your investment, then box it all up and ship it back to me, and I will immediately give you a 100% prompt and courteous refund.  No hard feelings and no questions asked.

Because the truth is, if you're not thrilled with your order, I'm not either.

That ought to be enough to make you feel pretty safe about investing in this program, right?

Good then.

Here, let me just summarize this for you in case you missed it:

"22 Ways To Completely Eliminate ALL Your Marketing Headaches... Right NOW!"
How To Eliminate All Your Marketing Problems Teleseminar Audio CD
Teleseminar Audio CD Transcript
Certificate For One Sales Copy Critique
The 5% Sales Boost Secret!
82-Minute bonus interview!
Total Value
Your Crazy and Ridiculously LOW Investment When You Order Right Now, Is Only (Save $60 dollars off the regular price when you order right NOW!)

Note:  This is a SALE price ONLY and I have the right to boost it at any time.

Order now using your VISA, MasterCard, American Express card... or even your Paypal account, and you will be taken to a 100% safe-and-secure order form:

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"Finally, I found the copywriter I can work with for the rest of my career.  He's extremely thorough and reliable, the man is his word, when he tells you he's going to do something, it's going to be done.  It's very refreshing to find someone so candid in this world full of posers and imposters. So if you're looking for somebody who's very committed to your success who delivers HUGE results, and does whatever it takes to make sure your piece will be a winner, then don't hesitate to go ahead and get a hold of Craig Garber now." Chet Rowland - Odessa, Florida

Thank you for reading this message.  I wish you nothing but success... good health... and fun and excitment in your life!

Now go sell something,
Craig Garber
Craig Garber

P.S.  Remember, when it comes to marketing... it's not what you know that counts... it's what you're missing... that's simply killing you!


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