Last night, my son and I watched a DVD I’d ordered a few weeks ago called “1968.” It was a documentary hosted by Tom Brokaw, about the tumultuous late 1960’s, which culminated in the Chicago riots, the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, and deaths of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

There were two different theories put forward in the documentary. One was that the 60’s were a unique time for cultural change and awakening. Things like the civil rights movement, women’s rights, questioning and resisting the war, and introducing more free-thinking into pop-culture and society, paved the way for great changes and great thinkers.

Another thought was that, essentially, this was a good plan gone awry. There was too much excess, too many drugs, and the stability of the counterculture leaders surely needed to be questioned. That the anti-establishment divided and polarized Americans and things have never been the same, since.

Like may baby boomers, I’ve always romanticized this era, but mostly because of the music which was developed during that time. I’ve always been passionate about music and so these are the memories that come to me when I think about the 1960’s. Of course, being one of the younger boomers (I was born 11/1963), I really didn’t have any kind of a “real” perspective on things, either.

Since tomorrow is July 4th, America’s Independence Day, I thought it would be a good time to get your feedback on some of these issues.

What’s your opinion on things? What lasting imprint did the late 1960’s leave on America?

If it was positive, let me know your opinion why. If it was negative, let me know what you believe could have been done different, so the results would have been different.

Post your thoughts and comments here on my blog.

Have a great 4th, and a relaxing weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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