Yes, but where's the ammunition?

May sound silly, but when you know what you’re talking about, you will actually write much better and have much more to say.

I have been reminded of this frequently lately, as I am almost finished with my Seductive Selling® book. If I tried to cover every single Seductive Selling® strategy I could think of, the book would probably be 500 pages long. No one would buy it, and it would never get released.

But let’s talk about this as it relates to writing copy, which is probably more applicable to what you need right now.

Your creativity in your writing is directly proportional to your knowledge and familiarity with what you are writing about. Your understanding of how whatever you’re selling works, the wants it satisfies, and how it is different from all the other products in its marketplace, gives you all the fodder you need to write all you want.

But when you are writing a book, it is different from when you are writing an ad. Writing a book is actually much easier. You must remember, when you are writing ads — it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a display ad in a trade magazine or a sales letter on a web page — every single word you put down has one purpose, and one purpose only. And that purpose of course, is to sell something.

Even if you are giving away information about your product, your sole purpose shouldn’t be to give away information, it should be to sell something, and anyone else who tells you otherwise is probably someone who is broke.

Keep this in mind next time you’re getting ready to crank up a new campaign, and your focus will be more laser-like, and your ability to communicate clearly will be much stronger.

Packing a wallop is easy. All the ammunition you need is inside your head.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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