Why most (good) writers are critically handicapped

The problem with good writing is that the intensity and effectiveness of it is usually based on the intensity and effectiveness of the emotions you’re able to show your readers. And this doesn’t just apply to copywriters, it applies to everyone who writes.

Reality is, you just can’t express nearly as much emotion in print, as you can in person. Even for those people who have a hard time expressing emotion in person, and who prefer to communicate in print (which is probably most writers — present company excepted), your passion will be dulled by the time it hits your readers.

Which means your enthusiasm is muted twice. Once, in-between the time the thought crosses your mind and the time it hits the paper — simply because of the medium’s limitations, and second, when your prospect is trying to take it all in.

That’s why if you want to make a connection, you need to SCREAM to be heard even a little bit. If you want to make your prospect feel empathy, you have to create an emotional connection using the same intensity as the last goodbye between lifelong friends or lovers might have. If you want to make someone simply smile, you have to curl their toes.

Selling in print leaves you badly handicapped, without the use of your non-verbal communication aides like vocal inflection, tone of your voice, hand-gesturing, and that “indefinable” quality your prospects can’t “see” — sincerity, which is most important.

This is why many people, when writing ads, feel the need to make outrageous claims. They foolishly believe this is the way to be heard: “Take 10 weeks vacation in your first year at this new profession…” “Run a marathon within 25 days…”

This simply isn’t the way to go. The right thing to do, is to research your marketplace to the point where you understand your clients burning desires as if you were one of them, their most annoying and lingering pains as if you live them.

And then you sell the acquisition of these desires, the elimination of that pain.

FREEDOM to live as YOU choose, not “take 10 weeks vacation in your first year.” After all, who really takes 10 weeks vacation a year?

“Measurable and incremental progress beyond your current sticking points,” not “run a marathon in 25 days.”

Speak to your prospects emotions, not to their wallets. Because whether you know it or not, the one… really is… the fastest route… to the other.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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