Why Kramer Really Isn’t A Racist

Boy-oh-boy is that guy from Seinfeld in a heap of trouble!

Last week, Michael Richards, the guy who plays “Kramer” on the Seinfeld television show, exploded on stage during his stand-up routine. He was being heckled by a couple of black guys and instead of rolling with the punches like every single other comedian does, or instead of having some canned lines to say that would shut the hecklers up, Richards EXPLODED with anger, making a bunch of racist comments and flinging the “N” word around repeatedly.

Now I have never even watched one episode of Seinfeld. I know that sounds like heresy to most people, but I just do not watch a lot of TV.

But I can tell you right now that Kramer really isn’t a racist at all.

Here’s why: You see, anyone who explodes with rage like that doesn’t just hate blacks — anyone filled with that much anger is a “rage-aholic” and hates everyone.

And if you hate everyone, you really can’t be considered a racist, now can you?

I’d bet Kramer’s an equal-opportunity hater. I think he has the same contempt he showed for those fellas heckling him, against everyone — whites, Asians, Jews, Spanish, old ladies, small annoying children — you name it, he probably doesn’t really like anybody them too much, and he probably hates most people and life in general.

So when he’s running around saying the horrible comments he made “have nothing to do with black people” — I actually believe him. They have to do with people and life in general, and the guys who got in his way that evening just happened to be black.

Do you punish someone for being an equal-opportunity hater?

I think not — the life he’s living, filled with all that misery and hatred eating him up from the inside out — repelling every warm, kind, nurturing and giving person around him, is punishment enough.

Just ask him.

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