Who’s Watching All Those Dirty Movies — Not You, Right?

When it comes to selling, here’s the thing: You’re only going to sell stuff people want to buy, period. You can’t convince your prospects to buy something they don’t want (although you can persuade them to buy it from you, if they DO want it), and sometimes, simply “asking” people if they want what you’re selling, isn’t good enough.

Here’s what I mean. Statistics were recently released that show total sales for adult industry products generated almost $13 Billion dollars (yes, that Billion, with a “B”) last year. Videos alone, accounted for almost $4.3 Billion dollars of that amount (not including internet sales, which represented another $2.5 Billion smackeroos).

As a comparison, total video sales during the first six months of 2005 (the only stats I could quickly find), were a hair over $7.3 billion. Which means, there are about one-third as many adult video sales as there are “non” adult video sales (rentals are excluded here — we’re talking just sales alone).

And with over 13,588 adult titles released last year alone, it’s not like there isn’t going to be at least a FEW videos even the most picky viewer won’t like.

Now you may or may not buy, rent, or watch adult videos. But the point is, LOTS of folks do. In fact, it looks like millions of people are watching them.

And yet, if you went out and surveyed the general population, MOST people wouldn’t tell you they’re in this “marketplace.”

Something to consider next time you’re fishing for information. Are you asking the RIGHT questions, to the RIGHT people… and will they give you VALID answers?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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