What you think is safe, is risky… and what you think is risky, isn’t.

Yesterday was the day my Mastermind group members had their private half-hour calls with me. I always find these calls interesting, because as an observer of human nature, it’s interesting to note who’s doing what, and how fast.

One of the members of the group has been making incredibly rapid progress, adding new staff, boosting his rates, and firing his clients who’ve been emotional vampires, those who’ve been sucking the life out of him and offering nothing in return.

On yesterday’s call, he mentioned he was ready to drop his first direct-mail campaign, trying to generate leads. Even though he knows exactly what to do and what steps to take, he’s got some jitters about this.

Few things you need to know. First of all, whenever anyone’s performance is about to be measured, they have jitters of varying degree, myself included. If you’re wondering about this, just check out professional athletes, whose performance is being monitored not just by themselves and their coaches, but by the entire world. That’s called “being human,” and it’s magnified if you’re the kind of person who’s performance-driven.

Now some people in this situation are concerned because they are taking some risk. But at least in this case, there really is no risk here. Here’s why: you see, most people are more than willing to throw cash at almost anything, on a whim, but they are extremely reluctant to invest time.

This particular individual, on the other hand, has invested a ton of time, before actually investing any money, which is very smart. Taking action isn’t risky. Being ignorant is risky. And being unprepared is risky.

Keep that in mind next time you’re worried about something. I think it will help put things into perspective.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. “One word: WOW!” Today, especially online, and even more so with respect to marketing, if someone says you’re going to get bonus gifts for ordering something, you sit back and prepare for a complete waste of your time.

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