Walk the walk… talk the talk. Here’s an extra $305K for you — minimum.

Last week (on Friday I believe), we talked about how much consumers rely on other consumers for social proof and credibility. I think for certain products it was something like 73% of all buying decisions are made based on these third-party “testimonials” and social proof.

I recently received a VERY thoughtful e-mail from a client of mine, a couple of days after he had a day of consulting with me. His name is Brian Deacon and he actually lives not far from here, in Tampa.

Here’s what Brian sent me:

“Craig, first off…I want to say thanks for the time you devoted to me and my business during our day of coaching. I was totally exhausted when I left and as soon as I got home I started figuring out how I could quickly implement some of the great concepts, ideas and additional products that we had discussed at length.

As I was driving home I was rethinking our conversation and figured out that you took my current business from barely breaking even to making approximately $305,000 on the low end to over $959,400 on the upper end. That’s a huge difference from where I sit today and that was just one of the businesses we reviewed.

My investment in our day of coaching was worth every penny and more. In fact, when I talked to my accountant on Friday about the changes and ideas he was just as excited as I was. I have a suspicion that he will be signing up for your Seductive Selling Newsletter and setting up some time to meet with you as well.

Anyway not to get side tracked…but I was having the exterior of my home painted and when I drove down the street, late Thursday evening, I saw that they had put on the first coat of paint. WOW… what a difference. It took an awful 1970’s dated look to a modern looking beautiful home. I was blown away at the difference. It was no longer the dark brown dated looking home. It now looked fresh, new and inviting.

After spending a day of coaching with you, Craig, I can now see the potential in my business that I had only dreamed about. My business is that dark and dated business and just like my house…with a lot of hard work and some incredibly long hours I can now see what it will take to turn it into a money making machine. When I got home and couldn’t stop thinking about all the great ideas that you helped me validate and see in my business. I didn’t sleep Thursday night and on Friday I had meetings most of the day with my accountant and my business partner. By Saturday…I was wiped out. I took the rest of the weekend off. I decided I owe it to myself. I can’t remember the last time I actually took the weekend away from my business. I only wished I had made plans to go to some place really nice. Instead I relaxed which was long overdue.

It’s now Monday morning and I have been in the office since 6:00am. I am going through our notes and the recording that I made. Later today, I will send you a revised and updated set of notes along with an implementation plan for HOCOA. Would it be possible for us to touch base sometime this week regarding your schedule for the creation of the marketing materials?

Craig, again…I want to THANK you for taking time out of your busy schedule to work with me. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with you. I am very excited about turning HOCOA around as well as creating a XXX (intentionally omitted – confidential) marketing niche.”

If you want to learn more about what a day with me is like, then go to http://www.kingofcopy.com/consultingday

Brian was also a guest on my radio show a couple of weeks ago and we got tons of feedback about how cool that show was. So, if you want more, go to http://www.kingofcopy.com/radio and listen to the show from Thursday March 15th.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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