It's True With Guns... And It's True With Words.

Dear Friend,

"Delivery is more powerful than substance. It's true with guns and it's true with words."

That's a quote from an excellent best-selling book I recently finished reading, called "Conquering Deception", written by a former Missouri State Highway Patrol officer, Jef Nance.  Jef, who's known as THE top expert in the country when it comes to "Verbal Voodoo" (being able to tell when someone's lying) has a lot to say in his book about persuasion and getting people to "spill the beans" about themselves.

You can learn a lot about persuasion and how to interact with people from a sharp cop.  Cops spend their entire lives trying to get people to do things they don't want to do... reveal things they don't want to reveal... and stop doing things they want to continue doing, so they know a thing or two about persuasion, and Jef sure reveals a lot.

For example, when he was 22 years old walking a beat during warrant searches one day, Jef realized the way you phrase something has a VERY significant effect on the outcome of your results -- simply by changing a couple of words in your approach.

Jef also knows there's a BIG difference between lying and deception, and knowing what's behind people's motivation for doing either one, gives you very significant insight and understanding into how to best persuade and motivate your prospects.

I don't know how I managed to do this (perhaps I know a thing or two about persuasion myself, hey?), but... in spite of his hectic work and public speaking schedule (Jef's a leading fraud investigator for one of the third largest insurance company in the world) Jef actually agreed to do an interview with me, and in this interview he reveals everything you must know about "How To Cleverly Use Words To Persuade And Uncover!"

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Craig Garber

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