This video took literally 13 hours to make — you must see it.

In response to the huge sale I was running on my Seductive Selling System, and the incredible offer I made, several people who were still on the edge of the fence, sent in e-mails wondering what the sales copy critiques inside the system, are like. I figured the best way to show you what they’re like, is to put an actual full-blown critique up online, and that was my intention yesterday.

Well obviously, that never happened, and here’s why: When I recorded the initial video, little did I know I recorded it in what was comparable to broadcast-quality video. Not good for quick and easy conversion to online uploads by my web team, apparently. In fact, it took just a hair over 13 HOURS to produce. Here’s a snapshot of the software just before it finished (look at “Elapsed Time” 13:01:31:

The video’s done and up now though, and I’ll give you the link for it in just a moment.

Add to the mix, we had a few orders come in last night, and our credit card processor was down, which means I KNOW there were a bunch of other folks who wanted to order but couldn’t. Here, check them out for yourself:

I felt like Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny – one bumbling problem after another.

Bottom line? As a result of this mess — the screwed up credit cards and the fact that my critique didn’t get posted yesterday — while I did pull my sale page down at midnight last night as promised (actually, the page is up but the ordering links are disabled), I will be putting it back up today at 12noon, but I am pulling it FOREVER at midnight tonight, PERIOD.

And yes I DO mean period. As you know, I rarely have sales, and if I didn’t have this big tax problem to unload, I sure as heck wouldn’t have run this sale, that I can tell you. So if you want to take advantage of this and it’s before 12 midnight tonight, after you check out the video, go to and enter “IRS” in the coupon code (no parenthesis) on the right of your shopping cart, to get the $200 discount and the five extra bonuses.

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear: even if you don’t buy my system, you should watch this video. It’s a great sales critique, and you’ll take away a TON of really helpful copywriting and marketing information, perhaps more so than anything else you’ll look at this year. Here it is:

You will ONLY have the 12-hour window from noon to midnight tonight, to get the Seductive Selling System at $200 off, AND to get these FIVE new bonuses worth as much as the actual system itself. So go to and enter “IRS” (without the quotes) into the Special Code section on the right-hand side of your shopping cart. Then hit “Apply” and you’ll see $200 off, right away.

And don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll be back with our regular entertainment and information. This sale’s been nice, but it’s had LOADS of technical headaches and hassles as well.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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