This sweet, tasty promise makes your deal come true.

At the heart of every great sales letter is a great offer. And at the heart of every great offer, is a sweet tasty promise your prospect believes you can deliver on.

Without an offer, you sell nothing. This is why most business cards are absolutely worthless — they give you a phone number, a silly logo with cute fonts, and someone’s name. This is as compelling as a small soap dish, and is exactly why 100% of all business cards go straight into the trash, literally moments after you empty your pockets. (except my 8-panel card, which you get a copy of when you test-drive my offline Seductive Selling Newsletter at )

If you want to make a sale you have to offer something, and to make most sales you have to offer something spectacular, something fabulous. You have to promise to deliver something in such a way that your prospect truly feels their life will be far better off AFTER they’ve been bathed in the benefits of your promise, than it is right now.

Here are three ways of doing this. They aren’t fancy, they don’t take advantage of the latest meta tag research, and they don’t boost your rankings in the search engines. But they do allow you to connect with your prospects and will make you a small fortune over time. (And by the way, don’t foolishly believe you make a small fortune overnight — that’s only in the movies. Most people who make a killing, make it over time — but when they make it — watch out, it comes in like a tidal wave you never saw coming!)

Anyway, here are those three things that will make your promise sweet and tasty:

One, a comforting guarantee, something like this: ” If after going through the program, you don’t feel TRULY energized, inspired, and invigorated… if you don’t feel the URGE to go out and make yourself a bunch of money… and if you don’t feel a new energy flowing through your arteries, and your heart filled with fresh optimism and hope, then simply box it back up and send it back to my office, and we’ll refund your investment in the program, no questions asked. And you can take up to six months to do this, no worries.”

Two, a great testimonial, like this: “I have listened to your “Excuse Busters CD” from How To Make Your Dreams Come True, at LEAST 7 times — you have cut YEARS off my learning curve as a new entrepreneur. ” Bill Parlaman – Chester Springs, PA

And three, an incredible value, like this: “Order How To Make Your Dreams Come True before I get back from New York City on Tuesday night, and in addition to the program itself, which is dirt cheap, you will also get to participate on a free teleconference where we’ll talk about little-known ways of getting over your fear of success or fear of failure, and so you can finally eliminate self-sabotage from your life, once and for all, and get everything you truly deserve to have. I will work directly with you on this, and since I came from nothing to where I am today, I can offer you practical real-life experience of the things that went through my head along the way.”

These are just three of the strategies you can use to make a compelling and exciting promise. The examples of these strategies are actually all REAL examples, as is the promise for the teleconference as well. When you order How To Make Your Dreams Come True before I get back from New York City, you will get to participate on this Teleconference on March 20th at 7pm Eastern time. Get it at — oh, and by the way, the video on the site was taken on a Sunday morning, right after I made waffles for everyone, while they were still sleeping.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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