The Second Selling Lesson At The Sponge Docks

Yesterday I told you a little story about what happened when I was over in Tarpon Springs this past weekend. Just in case you missed it, let me review a little bit here. First I’ll tell you what happened in quotes, and then I’ll answer the actual question afterwards, O.K.?:

“We were in this store called 5 Fish, chatting with the owner, a man named David Gauchman. David’s a very nice fellow, and owns 3 retail stores in the area. We didn’t talk too much personal stuff, but I got the idea that he was nobody’s fool, and he was also a hard worker. (If you’re in the area, stop in and tell him I say “Hey” — he really is a hell of a nice guy.)

This store sells primarily “Life Is Good” merchandise — and he had QUITE a selection. And seeing as how I was there with my wife and two of our kids — I didn’t get out cheap.

Something happened there, that was VERY instructional about selling. A woman was having a hard time deciding between two shirts. David overheard her conversation, and promptly pointed out to this woman that ONE of the shirts she was holding in her hands, was his most popular seller.

I can tell you now, I’d been listening to this woman, and she was no dummy either, and yet — she IMMEDIATELY grabbed that “most popular” shirt — and added that one to the top of her “buy” pile.

Why did she do that?

The answer is simple: It just goes to show you the power of using a few VERY compelling buy-buttons: Testimonials, Conformity, And Acceptance. And see, there was no big long sales pitch here, and frankly, I don’t even think David Gauchman was doing this intentionally to “sell” the shirt. He was just helping her decide which shirt to buy. It was clear she was going to buy one, regardless.

Each of these buy-buttons is discussed in DETAIL in my Seductive Selling System, which you can get right here: — and you’ll find specific examples of HOW and WHEN to use these buy-buttons, so you can best figure out how to apply them to your own business.

And now here’s something else I want you to think about — and send in your comments about this one too: What else could David have told this woman (just as simply) that would have made her buy this shirt just as instantly as she did when he told her it was his best-selling shirt?

Let me know and I’ll answer this question tomorrow.”

First off, let me just tell you that pushing all these emotional buy-buttons works on ANYONE, regardless of how much they know about marketing — myself included. I’m just AWARE of what’s going on — not immune to it, by any means.

Anyway, the woman in the story was my wife, Anne, and even though she’s FULLY aware of all of these selling tricks — just like me… and just like everyone else — this doesn’t make her immune to their effects.

We received a few interesting answers to yesterday’s question:

Offline Newsletter Subscriber Dustin Matthews said, “I would have liked David to entice her into buying both shirts. Buy one and get 25% or 50% off the next one. She was going to buy at least one and wouldn’t have jeopardized the sale by giving her an irresistible up sale. He lost out on additional revenue!”

This is a good answer, but it has a few downsides to it. If he makes an offer like this that’s not a “stated” offer posted in the store, for example, for everyone to see… then he’s showing neediness. He then exposes himself to further negotiations.

Plus, and this is something you didn’t know — I already had a boatload of stuff sitting in front of his register.

Remember, in business, and in life in general, whenever you permit something in ANY relationship, it’s assumed you have made this conduct permissive forever, and that it applies across the board.

Also, the answer I was looking for was more of an emotional trigger here, but this is not a bad suggestion at all.

Ryan Harris sent this in: “He could have told her that people who buy one of the two shirts report that the shirt makes them look 10 pounds slimmer/lighter, 10 years younger, etc. -Not the answer you are looking for though.”

Nope. Good try, but that’s not it, either.

So let me tell you exactly what he could have said. He also could have pointed to one of the shirts and said, “This is the last one of those we have, and I do not know if we’ll be getting any more of them in.”

Had he said this, BAM! Same thing would have happened — just like lightening striking a tree, the demand for that particular shirt automatically shoots sky-high.


Because “only one left,” is the ULTIMATE scarcity, and as you hopefully know, scarcity — limiting whatever it is you’re selling, is a VERY important way of attracting business.

Again, all these buy-buttons are covered in my Seductive Selling System, and you can get your hands on it right here:

And “HEY!” — it ain’t called “Seductive” for nothing.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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