The History Of New Wave Music — Subtle Insightful Marketing At Work

You know, the 1970’s was kind of an awkward decade, especially with respect to music. Recovering from the turbulent 1960’s — which brought growth and a host of positive changes to music — the 1970’s is known for being lackluster and stale.

For instance — remember disco and leg warmers? Socks with toes? Tube tops and Welcome Back, Kotter?

Not exactly the most meaningful era, huh?

There was a stroke of marketing genius in the music biz however. What happened was, as the power and sphere of disco music continued expanding, the use of more “non-instrument” instruments continued to grow. Things like synthesizers and other electronic “music-makers” started playing a more essential role, and “real” instruments like guitars, pianos and drums, became less and less important.

And as a result, the quality and “experience” of music as a whole began declining.

The powers that be in the music industry — meaning, the record companies — knew this, and they also “sensed” what was needed was something “new.” You see, something “new” is always going to be attractive to your prospects, and the music fans of the 1970’s were no different.

So the term “new wave” was created, and for a short time, it gave the industry the slight jolt and revival in popularity it needed. In reality, “new wave” music was actually music that was made using MORE “machines” and less heart and soul. But nevertheless, it was embraced because of it’s moniker.

Hmmm… maybe next year we’ll have the NEW King Of Copy.

Nah, not yet.

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