Tastes Great, Less Filling

I’ve been watching The Bronx Is Burning On HBO, and this show is very tangible to me, since I was a 14 year old kid living and dying with the Yankees, during that summer of 1977. I remember the great blackout, and the crazy Son Of Sam killer, vividly — as if it was just a few years ago, not 30 years ago.

The characters in that show that pop up from time to time are as realistic as cards being taken into and out of a hand of poker I might be playing. Pearl Bailey… Joe DiMaggio… Bowie Kuhn — all headlines from times gone by.

I also remember that beer commercial Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner shot for Miller Light. The one where they argue about whether Miller Light is better because it tastes great, or because it’s less filling.

That show is filled with nostalgia, especially if you grew up in New York City, and even more so if you were born just two train stations south of Yankee Stadium, like myself.

Today I’m going to teach you a very easy lesson, and it’s one you can immediately use to turn a fast dollar, AND correct some serious mistakes you’ve probably been making.

First though, I want you to go back and think about all the biggest purchases you’ve ever made during the last 3 to 5years. Think about any of the feelings you have associated with these purchases… or with the actual assets or experiences themselves.

O.K., so what are you coming up with?

“Excitement”… perhaps “laughter”… and perhaps even some fear, right?

But one thing I bet you most definitely did NOT think of, is how much of a good deal you got on any of these purchases, right? How “cheap” any of them were.

This is because people RARELY care about price as a criteria for making a purchase. In fact, the last survey I read said that it was down near seventh or so, out of a list of items that are considered.

Yes, it’s true people DO want value, but value and price are NOT inversely related.

So the next time you’re struggling with selling something, instead of just slashing your prices and offering to give away the farm for next to nothing — figure out how to add more VALUE to what you’re offering, and keep the extra ducats for yourself.

Memories don’t usually include “the discount you got.” Keep that in mind.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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