Silent night… Silent Life.

Yesterday I got a TON of work done.

After waking up early, I worked on some client projects of mine, and then one of the members of my Mastermind Group, Brian Deacon, came down for a full day of consulting, and Brian was also nice enough to be my guest on my radio show. (If you didn’t get to listen to it, then go to and download the show — Brian had some FANTASTIC insights to offer, and was clearly the star of yesterday’s show — not me.)

Anyway, Brian was EXTREMELY well-prepared for our meeting, to the point where I was actually tired when he left, and that takes a LOT to do. He sucked a hell of a lot of info out of this big brain of mine, believe me.

So a couple of hours later, Anne and I went out to grab a bite to eat at a local Italian restaurant she likes called Benedettos. Now being from New York City, it’s pretty hard to get me to enjoy Italian food here locally in small-town Florida, but in all honestly, this very unlikely-looking restaurant, is an awesome find. The food there is outstanding.

While we were there though, I saw something pretty disturbing. There was a young couple a few tables over, and they had a small child with them — a boy, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. Now I’m not going to win any father of the year awards or anything, but when my kids were younger, I always tried to keep them involved with things, even when it was difficult.

For instance, our sons are only 20 months apart, and so needless to say, taking 2 toddler boys out to dinner at a restaurant was always a challenge, but at least the kids learned to behave and interact around the table, and they learned what was expected of them.

And yes it was difficult and frustrating, but frankly, parenthood is often difficult and frustrating, just like anything else you do in life on a regular basis.

So it was very disturbing to me to see how this young couple was handling their ONE child. The kid was sitting there at the dinner table with headphones on, completely mesmerized by the DVD that was playing in front of him, on their portable DVD player.

The child was very well behaved and quiet as a church-mouse, deeply engaged and involved with his DVD, which… although I didn’t get a chance to look at, I’d be willing to bet my house wasn’t “Discovery Channel” or “Animal Planet” or anything else that’s going to give him a leg up in the world.

Here’s the problem when you do this — this kid is going to get used to “disconnecting” from things, from people and from life, and instead… retreating into his world of fantasy and imagination. The other problem here is that instead of disciplining this little boy’s behavior, his parents are removing discipline from his life, and this is going to give him a false sense of security about what it takes to accomplish anything.

Removing a challenge is easier, yet FAR less valuable than OVERCOMING a challenge, as any successful person knows. We all have challenges to face — and the truth is, without fear, there is no courage.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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