Repackage… and multiply your earnings by ten-fold.

If you want to make more money without changing anything you’re doing, then today’s message is the most important one you read this year!

The fastest way to turbo-charge your business is to come up with the answer to this one question: “Who can you sell to for a higher price?”

Meaning, what marketplace will buy the “elite” version of what you’re selling right now?

Here’s an example of what I mean. If you look at the comic book industry over the last 40 years, since most of the people reading this first heard of comic books, the industry has changed a lot. In the beginning, there were a handful of superheroes, and only two dominant companies — Marvel and DC.

Today, there are literally HUNDREDS of superheroes, dozens of very mainstream and independent publishers… and the industry has been revitalized with the rebirth of the “pulp” comic-novel.

And a few years ago, while trying to figure out how to make even more money, some of the brighter marketing minds over at Marvel Comics asked themselves how they could “step up” their products.

They came up with an idea which is the diametric opposite of a “read it and toss it” cheap monthly rag. They decided to repackage the first 30 issues of the original Fantastic Four comic book, and print it in an 848-page issue that weighed over 5 pounds, in a coffee table-style volume.

The book, called “Fantastic Four Omnibus, Volume 1” was priced at $99.99 (as opposed to a few dollars for one individual comic book), and guess what happened?

The entire set sold out in within a few weeks, and in fact, if you go on today, you’re only going to find a few copies available, for around $150 bucks.

Of course, they’ve since cleverly expanded the “Omnibus” series, to other titles, and even to extending the original Fantastic Four series, to a part 2. All sold out rather rapidly.

How was this accomplished? How can you do the same thing?

Simple: By repackaging your product… coming up with a new proprietary name for it, and then… marketing and selling it to a more affluent buyer.

Simple, isn’t it? You bet’cha.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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