Reminds Me Of Hawaii… Sort Of

Gosh this place is beautiful. We’re staying at a Beaches Resort here in the middle of the Caribbean and this place is simply fantastic.

I had absolutely NO idea what to expect or where the place even was, and frankly I still don’t know exactly where I am, but I don’t care either. See, a friend of mine who is very successful, recommended to me that I take my family there on vacation.

And I’ve been around the block enough times that I know to “look up”. Meaning, if I want to continue to move “up” the ladder of success and the ladder of life in general, I need to take advice from and listen to those folks who are ahead of me in those areas, not behind me.

So for example, if you’re sick, you don’t go and ask your brother-in-law the lawyer what’s wrong with you, you ask someone who has a frame of reference that’s valid. Because whenever you’re trying to learn something, there are only TWO components you need to be concerned with.

One, you need to be asking the right questions. Doesn’t do you any good if you want to know what time it is and instead you’re asking what day it is, now does it?

And second, you need to be asking these right questions to the right people in the first place. Again, just because someone is familiar with something, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to give you advice about it. For instance, take direct mail. Most people will tell you direct mail doesn’t work. Ask these folks how many letters they’ve mailed and they’ll clam up fast, because for most of them the answer is “zero.”

I see this often when I’m speaking to coaching clients or copywriting clients. They’ve gone and done the wrong thing because they took advice from very well-meaning but seriously unqualified people, and then they wind up coming to papa to make it all better.

Anyway, back to my vacation.

When a smart successful guy tells me to go to a certain place because it’s great to relax there, I just “go.” Remember, I’m interested in the end result, not necessarily the way he got there. When I wrote copy for this same person, he — for the same reason — didn’t sit there asking me why I used this headline or that, or how come I had 3 P.S.’s instead of only two. He just wanted results.

It’s called “not wasting time.”

And I am VERY glad I didn’t waste time either, because this place is simply awesome. In fact, tonight Anne and I have a romantic candlelit beach-side dinner booked and that is awesome.

This place is so pretty, and the resort is so cool, it reminds me a lot of Hawaii, which is where we got married.

With one exception of course, when we got married, we didn’t have three kids in tow like we do now.

Thank goodness for that.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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