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  • The REAL biggest problem any direct-marketer has, and how to overcome it! (Hint: it has absolutely NOTHING to do with selling your goods and services.)
  • The cornerstone concept behind any promotion! (If you can’t figure this one out, you will be absolutely NO different from any one of your competitors.)
  • The genesis of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and… the two-step method you MUST use to create your own effective USP. (And by the way, these two steps are simple. Not knowing them is where you run into problems.)
  • A simple way to “create” something your competition can’t offer!
  • An incredibly effective formula for coming up with headlines and USP’s if you’re in the “pain elimination” business — either figuratively or literally.
  • How to cleverly associate your business with something much greater than it is now! (This technique is awesome for positioning purposes.)
  • How to emotionally “tug” on your prospects sense of wanting to belong to a specific group!
  • The history of yellow journalism and how to leverage this in your business, with specific examples of headlines, marketing ideas and strategies!
  • Legal issues you MUST be aware of if you use direct-mail in your business.
  • How to turn chicken shit into chicken salad! You’ll learn more from the re-write of this mediocre ad alone, than from any book on copywriting you will read this year!
  • In Example 3, you’ll uncover things like: positioning, third-party posturing, how to write compelling bullets, how to show empathy, how to persuade and attract, how to make big bold claims, how to use lead generation (it’s very simple, actually), and how to “close.”
  • Effective word substitutions that make your copy and your communication FAR less “salesy” than it is now.
  • Multi-page example of effective story-telling that boosts your sales and deepens your customer relationships. (Example 5)
  • There are only a few different formulas to fix your marketing problems: Discover one of them from a famous TV chef who’s worth a small fortune! (And he’s got a worse potty-mouth than even I do!)
  • Cool url’s you need to know about.
  • A VERY moving story about success and overcoming obstacles. If you read nothing else about success this year, read this — nothing motivates you like real life.
  • An awesome 72-minute Audio Success CD interview with Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller — authors of the best-selling book, Gravitational Marketing.
  • And… much much more including client photos, and off-kilter humor for the intellectually adventurous.

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But don’t believe me, listen to what Ian Pritchard, from Wiltshire, England has to say about it: “Hello Craig, Today I spent nearly four hours on the road on the way to and from a job. But you know what, I don’t care. You see your newsletter arrived yesterday and today I got the chance to read most of it and listen to three of the cd’s. And now I’m hooked. Ya got me. Thanks a lot. Whatever it is in pounds a month to hear and read what you have to say, I’m in.”

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