New business idea: If you can’t beat ‘em, rip ‘em a new one.

It always amazes me how the most profound and unconventional ideas, are often just simple ideas reversed.

So for instance, a very common career path for people to enter is to take the skills they have — perhaps they were working for someone else, let’s say — and then to do the thing they are good at, on their own.

Example, a former executive in the technology industry might go out and be a consultant to other tech companies, or he might go out and do the same thing he did before, only as a freelancer. A successful doctor is very likely to go out and consult with other doctors and give them guidance on how to grow their practice, or how to deal with vendors, or… she might decide to go and work with one of the big pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

But here’s another way you can do this and leverage your behind the scenes knowledge of a “hush hush” industry. (They’re all “hush hush,” by the way, to anyone not in them.) You go out and consult with the consumers in the industry as a sort of consumer “Robin Hood.”

So instead of the tech guy working on the inside, he can be a consultant to large corporations who are interested in getting technology work done, but have no idea how to go about the process. Doctors can offer their services to (high-end) patients who are sick and have no idea how to navigate through the medical system. In a case like this, giving someone the ins and outs not only benefits you financially, but you’re having a dramatic impact on the lives of many people in a family.

You’re not really a broker of these services, but just an advisor. And yes, this involves airing out some dirty laundry, but… often times, that’s just the emotional guilt-cleanser you may need, after a lifetime of towing the party line.

Who knows, right?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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