Marketing Schizophrenia!

Do you have “marketing schizophrenia”?

Do you read “this” one day and “that” the next? And then try out bits and pieces of each thing you read?

Do you take two or three different sales letters (that someone else wrote), cut them into bits and pieces, and then use them as your own?

Know what happens when you do that?

Well, besides it being illegal (plagiarism IS illegal) and “bad karma”, the “new” letter usually bombs. See, it’s the same thing as if you took your favorite three outfits, and then switched around the pants, jackets, shirts and ties — just because things go right when they’re together, doesn’t mean they’re going to work when they’re split up.

Make sense?

I can tell you now, I’ve been involved in marketing for almost 7 years, and one of the reasons I’ve come so far, so swiftly, is because I picked one or two sets of ideas (and a small handful of people to listen to) and worked with dogged persistence applying them to whatever it is I was working on.

Believe me, although it’s a lot less exciting (delivering the baby is always less exciting than making the baby), it’s FAR more productive to follow something through to the end — tweaking it along the way — than to constantly be bouncing around from one place to another, one thought to another.

Make yourself goals you will stick to no matter what and then stay laser-focused on them.

If I had to name the top two things that have affected my results the most, they would be consistency and intensity. If you can accomplish both of those, you will be setting yourself up for good results.

And this doesn’t just apply to your business, but to anything you want in life, in general.

May not be as thrilling as the alternative, but are you looking for results… or excitement?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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