Finally, America's top direct-response copywriter reveals how ANY independent business-owner, can start attracting fresh new prospects... create "idiot-proof" marketing systems... and start making more money... right NOW !

“No sales-hype marketing "mumbo-
  jumbo".  Just plain-talk from a guy who
  knows how to make you a bushel of cash!”

Craig Garber
From:  Craig Garber

Lutz, Florida

Dear Friend,

“Successful people aren’t any smarter than you are... they’ve just nailed down the "wealth formula" a little earlier than you have.   And while everybody's got an opinion about "where" the money is in your business, I'm going to show you "HOW" to get it -- starting NOW!”

If you are an independent business-owner and you want to dramatically increase your cash-flow, then this is the most exciting and important message you will ever read!

I'm not sure how you found this web page -- whether you read one of my articles... or if a friend referred you... or whatever.  But here's the deal:  Until recently, I've been keeping myself under wraps.  But now, I'm coming totally unglued from my office to unravel all the hard-hitting direct-response marketing secrets you'll ever need...

To Literally Make You A Boatload Of Money!

Armed with these secrets, you can start attracting hot qualified prospects, and have them lining up to buy from you as easily as the ice-cream man attracts dozens of happy bouncing children, beaming from ear-to-ear... all lined-up to buy from him, on a hot summer's day.

So, what’s this all about?

Well... first things first.

You know, of all the frustrating mistakes business-owners make, the most common one, is spending money on marketing... that just isn't working!

Now your ad reps will have you believe, this is "O.K." -- that your audience has to see your ineffective ad, over-and-over-again, in order for it to suddenly "somehow" become magically "effective."  And you, hoping on a wing-and-a-prayer, that this time... "something" will happen, optimistically (and sometimes, desperately) go along with this.

But the truth is, nothing ever changes, because most advertising really doesn't work.  At least, not if you define "work", as... "making you money", right?

I mean, don't you have a sneaking suspicion, your ads would be working a lot better... if... you could only figure out the RIGHT "hook" to use, and the RIGHT words to say?

You see, conventional wisdom says your marketing should emphasize things like, the name of your company... your "technical savvy"... how long you've been in business... your low low prices... and, the kinds of products or services you sell.   But if you're brutally honest with yourself, you'll admit...

These things are bringing you in about as much new business as the Easter Bunny is!


It's a fact!  Your prospects could care less about any of those things!

The truth is, regardless of what kind of business you’re in, being able to write compelling sales messages that attract qualified prospects, is your ultimate ticket to financial freedom.

And when it comes down to it, understanding human psychology -- knowing what makes people "tick" and why they buy -- and crafting world-class sales copy... are the only skills that mean anything.

That’s the ONLY “magic” you need... to make your cash register go “ka-ching!”, day-in... and day-out!

For example, can you tell me why your prospects should do business with "you"... instead of with your competition?  And can you communicate this clearly... with conviction... and with a sense of urgency?

And finally, can you stuff all that into your ads so it sounds compelling... non-threatening... beneficial... and most important -- DESIREABLE to your prospects?

Because if you can't do any of these things, forget it.

Here's what's going to happen:  Your prospects are going to walk right past you, like shoppers walking past a dingy retail store in an old and worn-down strip mall -- never even giving you so much as a second glance or noticing your existence.

Reality is, you must give your prospects a compelling reason to work with you, or they simply won't.  In marketing terms, this compelling reason is called your "USP" -- your "Unique Selling Proposition."  For example, my USP is...

“I show independent business-owners how to get fresh, new, pre-qualified prospects and suck every last dollar out of them.”

Sounds crass, but realistically, isn't this what you want?  Or do you want your competition to do this instead of you?

And don't be so paranoid, I said "suck", not "steal."  Believe me, you're going to have to work for this, and you're going to have to provide a top-notch service.  This isn't for amateurs and it's not for deadbeats, freeloaders, or weasels, either.

And before you go any further, let me tell you up front... if your USP says anything like: "We're really professional...", "Your satisfaction's guaranteed...", or "We offer first-class service...", then you're wasting your time.  Statements like this, aren't specific enough, and... they're just not compelling.


Simple:  First of all, everyone and their mother says they "give good service", to the point where... saying something like this, is meaningless.  Plus, it's w-a-a-y too vague -- think about it: What does "giving good service" even mean?

Does it mean you're customers only have to wait 10 minutes to get served?  Does it mean you'll return each of their phone calls within 24 hours?  Or does it mean next day shipping?  What does it mean to you?

Most people would say, "giving good service" means "you work hard".  But even that doesn't translate into anything as far as your prospects are concerned.  Because there's NO specific benefit in "you work hard", that's going to compel your prospects to take action.


See where I'm going with this?  How, most "reasons" to work with you, really aren't "reasons"... they're more like old and worn-down "tag lines", that don't mean diddly to your prospects?

The good news is, I'm going to show you how to use direct-response marketing to "manipulate" your prospects into doing exactly what you want, motivating them to take actionright NOW, on your terms.  You'll discover how to use "Seductive Selling®" to cleverly persuade people to work with you.  In a nutshell, you'll uncover...

How To Sell!

And nailing this down gives you TOTAL control over your business... and over your life.  In fact, it's like...

Having A (100% Legal) License To Print Money!

Look, life offers you the capacity to fill your world up with marvelous gifts.  And you have the ability and the God-given right... to earn whatever you want, and then some.  But you'll only be able to grasp those riches, if you learn how to overcome what's probably your biggest stumbling block:

Knowing “How” To Systematically Reach Out And Touch Your Prospects, Getting Them To Consistently Buy From You!

Gosh, once you've got a working direct-response marketing system in place, your business suddenly becomes as dependable as a Swiss watch.  Things like "bad news" about the economy... or a downturn in the stock market... or a sudden drop in real estate prices, just don't matter any more!

Is now the right time for you to finally take control over your business... so you can finally start “enjoying” your life, and are you ready to start “running” your business...
instead of having it run you?

Frankly, I don't know -- that answer's totally up to you.  And Lord knows, some people are never ready.  But one thing I do know, is this:  If your business is built on a weak marketing foundation, there's no way it'll EVER be able to produce maximum income for you!

Warning! My Methods May NOT Be For You!

Before I wrap up, I want to make one thing perfectly clear:  If you're looking for me to promise you'll start making millions just by "listening" to what I have to offer you... without actually putting any of my advice into action, let me save you some headaches and anxiety here, because I'll tell you right now:

That’s just not going to happen!

I know that's not a very popular thing to say nowadays, but it's true.  First of all, on the internet it seems like no matter where you turn, there's no shortage of marketing "experts" telling you about how they're going to get you to make gobs of money, working only part-time... half-days... or by "visualizing" your way to success.

But just so we're on the same page, let me be the first one to tell you... that's NOT what I'm offering you and that's NOT what I'm all about.  I grew up in an apartment housing project in the Bronx and I didn't get to where I am today by "visualizing", for sure.

Look, I've had the privilege of working with some of the most successful marketing people in the world, including a stint working side-by-side with the world's greatest living copywriter, Gary Halbert.  And on top of that, I've been around the block a few times myself.  I've been so desperate for money I once considered donating blood (and sperm), just for cash -- and I've been on the opposite end of the spectrum wondering if I should finance my new car or just cut a check for it, buy my investment property outright of cut a check off my home equity line of credit.

So listen, and listen good:  What you're hearing from people who promise you a king's ransom handed over to you on a silver platter... in exchange for little-to-no-effort in return...

Is Total Bullshit!

In fact, all the really successful guys I know, including myself, work their butts off.  Period.

But the payoff's pretty nice, and well-worth it:  You get a lot more play time (and money) when you want it... a lot more family vacation time when you need it... and a lot more say-so over where you "have to" be... what you "have to" do... and "who" you have to do it with.  And, a lot more consistency and balance in your life!

And who doesn’t want THAT kind of control?

Second, the techniques I'm going to reveal inside this website, have their basis in direct-response marketing theories developed in the early 1900's.  And if you remember, they didn't have an internet back then.

So if you're really smart, you'll apply these inside secrets to your offline promotions too.  A HUGE portion of the success I've had, and most of the success my clients are having, is from using direct mail and space advertising (display ads) in ADDITION to using the internet.

Yes, a few people have made it really "big" on the internet, but do yourself a favor and don't neglect offline advertising either.  The internet isn't any "easier" -- your results just get measured, "faster".  Remember, the web is just another form of media to use.

The bottom line is, you really can have an amazing quality of life and earn a fantastic living... but if you want to step up and play in the big leagues, you've got to pay the piper -- at least... a little bit.

So, What Am I Offering You?

What I'm offering you, is a way to dramatically change your current situation.  A way to get many, many times the results you're now getting, with substantially less effort... more predictability... and a lot more confidence and solid footing behind your marketing decisions.  A way to completely eliminate financial fear and anxiety from your thoughts -- ever again.

And perhaps, most important...

I’m offering you a way to fill your life with fun and excitement once again!

Bluntly, I will show you how to make maximum money in minimum time. Because the fact is, you are overlooking opportunities for increasing your sales, and once you uncover what they are, you can immediately start taking advantage of them.

I'll point out what's missing, and how to immediately turn things around.  And in no time at all, you'll have your business pumping out sales like an oil rig on steroids!  In the meanwhile, subscribe to my FREE Unconventional Marketing Tips, by simply following these instructions:

It’s easy to subscribe, here's how:

Just go to the top right-hand corner of any page on this web site and enter your e-mail in the box, underneath where it says "FREE Marketing And Copywriting Tips".  Then press the "Yes!  Sign Me Up!" button, and you're good to go.

If you prefer, you can get an RSS feed and have my tips sent to you through my blog, right here: .  Oh, and make sure you listen to my World-Wide Seductive Selling Radio Show online, right here:

Well, that's enough for now.  I truly wish you nothing but tremendous success and good health, and I hope your future is as bright and exciting as a fireworks display on the 4th of July!

Best wishes,
Craig Garber
Craig Garber
The “King Of Copy”

P.S.  You only have one life to live -- so why not live it as a rich person?  If you’re competition’s choosing to make their lives prosperous... relaxed... and filled with joy... then why shouldn’t you?  Because the choice... really... is... yours!

Remember, opportunity isn’t knocking at your
door here... it’s practically knocking your door down!!

P.P.S. One more thing, and this is very important:  If you and I ever do end up working together, in any capacity... I’m going to do absolutely everything in my power to make the time we spend together, the very best investment you’ve ever made in your entire life!

And I mean this from the very bottom... of... my heart!


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