HUGE: Edgy semi-nude video blows the doors wide open on bad ads!

This is HUGE! Probably THE very best example of what advertising should be.

I know nothing about the company that created this video but it is a stroke of genius! (No pun on the word “stroke” — you’ll see what I mean in a moment.). Here, have a look at this:

See, the biggest problem with nearly all advertisements, in print, on TV,or otherwise, is that the person who’s created the ad, has approached it the way they’d approach hiring an interior decorator for their house. They sit and think to themselves, “How do I want MY house to look.” “How can this decor show off what I’M all about.”

It’s all ME, ME, ME based.

But the problem is, when you create and ad and say to yourself, “How do I want MY ad to look,” or… “How can this ad show off what I’M all about,” — to your prospect, you are nothing more than another bumbling idiot!

See, YOU are not your prospect. Your prospect could care less about YOU, your ad, your business, and your wife and children. They care about THEMSELF, and as it relates to you — only what you can DO for them. Your ad should be designed with one thing in mind, and one thing only: How can I deliver my prospects the biggest benefits, and then how can I deliver these benefits to them in the most compelling, engaging, and provocative way possible.

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“Asshole Alert!”
“How to sell… V-V-V- Vaginal Suppositories! (Bonus: yeast infections NOT included)”

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Let me know what you thought of this ad!

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