How To Fix Irish Catholic Guilt

Look, once a month I meet with a few very sharp, very aggressive
entrepreneurs on a monthly coaching call. The members of this
team are all part of my Mavericks Coaching Group.

These people are incredibly successful, AND incredibly
motivated. And they are also willing to ask themselves
questions most people are afraid of. No, not things like, “What
is my wife going to look like when she gets old?”, but more
cerebral matters like, “How can I move forward in spite of
feeling uncomfortable about what I’m about to do — and why am I
uncomfortable in the first place?”

And they also aren’t afraid to deal with more intimate issues
like guilt, fear, and frustration as well. Now don’t get me
wrong — this isn’t some sort of a therapy session — but it is,
in a sense, a business support group, where people come for help
with their marketing… help with their strategies… and for
inspiration in a world that is sometimes missing inspiration.
And, most important, you walk away feeling a lot better about
themselves and their businesses afterwards.

After all, that’s what you want out of a coaching group, right?

Anyway, one of my members is a VERY deep thinker. He’s the kind
of guy you would smoke a few joints with in college, and then
spend the entire evening figuring out the meaning of life, and
solving the world’s problems. His head is really in the right
place — he’s just trying to make himself and the rest of the
world a much better place for us all — and as far as I can see,
he’s doing a great job of it.

Just to give you an example of the stuff he’s willing to deal
with, to make SURE he’s continuing to grow and develop as a
person (which is the ONLY thing that allows you to grow and
develop as an entrepreneur), here are just a few of the
questions he has boldly sent in for me to answer on next Tuesday
night’s call:

“Craig, I got a case of the I.C.G.; better know as “Irish
Catholic Guilt”. I have this feeling like, if I stay on the path
that I’m going right now I’ll be a success no matter what (God
forbid anything serious should happen to yours truly). I’ve
been aggressively implementing Direct Response Marketing the
last 10 yrs in my XXX business, which means that deal flow is at
an all-time high, and this has lead to a very comfortable
lifestyle for the XXX family (name and business withheld unless
you are in the group).

Along the way we have been able to invest in a lot of rental
properties to boot, which is good for the present & future bank
deposits. I’m very humble and extremely grateful for being
graced with a lot of good stuff (my bride, kidz, health, and
biz,) in my life.

For me the I.C.G really rears it’s ugly head for me, when I see
others not doing as well as I’m doing at the moment for a
variety of reason, or people in general just down on there luck.
When the I.C.G. emotion kicks in, and he starts whispering in my
ear that (“I should be happy and content with everything in my
life”), all that I can think about is the “Disease Of More”…
more of this, and more of that… and let’s not forget about
W.I.I.F (what’s in it for me). I know that this is a character
defect issue of mine. Do you have these issues? Maybe you do…
maybe you don’t. If you do how do you snub them out?”

That’s pretty powerful stuff, isn’t it?

The truth is, I’ve been down this road before, and I think most
people who are self-made — especially if you came from pretty
much nowhere and never hat a pot to piss in — have struggled
with this at some point in their lives, or over several points
in time during their lives.

However, there is a simple formula most people use to measure
their success, that causes you to feel guilty, and once you
realize this formula is completely inaccurate, it eliminates
your source of guilt.

Plus, most of the people who apply this formula are broke
anyway, and once you realize this, you see how the whole thing
is totally flawed.

I will reveal this formula on next Tuesday’s call and I believe
it will help everyone to know this information.

If you want to be a part of this group of winners, you can apply
for membership, right here:

Appreciate though, if you like to AVOID the things you in fact
need to do to make you successful, this group isn’t for you.
You will literally be tossed out, or not accepted in the first
place. This is a group for overachievers only.

Check it out at

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Have a great weekend, and don’t let those snot-nosed kids
of yours ruin it!

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