How to engineer your own biggest break ever: a true story.

Yesterday I interviewed Steven Pressfield, for my April Audio Success CD Interview of the month. Steve’s the best-selling author of the book The War Of Art, and this was one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. He’s a great guy with a number of very incisive and genuine messages.

We had a very candid conversation about self-sabotage and resistance, and how they impact and interact with one another, and how to smash them both. This got me all fired up to make something available to you that I’d previously only made available to a small list of people.

So, here’s the deal: I am leaving to go to New York City to attend the Publishing Business Conference in a few days, and I will be returning early next week.

I recently released a new product which tells the story about how I got started in this business, and how I was able to “break the cycle” of failure, abuse, being broke, and self-sabotage, that has been in my family for years. It is the first time I’ve spilled the beans like this, and I’ve done it because over the years I’d tell bits and pieces of this story, and every time I did, people said “I’d love to hear more of that.”

The fact is, there’s a reason why Steven Pressfield went from sleeping in his van, to living in Malibu today. There’s a reason why I went from driving a cab at night, to living here on my lake-house with my bass fishing boat out back. And inside “How To Make Your Dreams Come True”, I explain exactly how to do this, and how to overcome ANY bullshit excuses that may be holding you back.

So here’s what I want to do, because I really DO have a sincere desire to have some sort of a positive impact on your life. First of all, this product is dirt cheap, especially for what you’re getting. And second, for anyone who orders this product before I get back from New York on Tuesday the 11th, you will be able to get on a free telephone workshop I will be hosting on March 20th at 7pm Eastern time.

There will be NO pitching on this call, or no soliciting of anything. The entire purpose of the call is for me to try and help you overcome any issues you may be struggling with, or anything you “sense” has been holding you back, that shouldn’t be. I expect the information that will be shared on this call to be incredibly helpful for anyone interested in success.

So if for whatever reason, you always “known” deep down inside, you aren’t where you should be right now, and you’d love some help identifying why… and you’d love to get some specific steps to move out of your doldrums and get back your mojo, then you must be on this call.

Look, I don’t pretend to be some sort of a shaman or some sort of polished self-help guru. I’m not, by far. But I have been around the block my fair share of times, and I’ve been down in the dumps and I’ve still managed to climb the mountain. And in doing all this, I have a few good lessons to share with you, and a few kind words of wisdom and encouragement you can benefit tremendously from. So take advantage of this by checking out How To Make Your Dreams Come True, at and get on this free call on March 20th.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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