From homeless to best-selling author: how it happened.

A man I know spent years and years going from one dead-end job to the other, bouncing around like a tennis ball inside an empty box until he finally was able to buckle down and get serious. In fact, at one point in time, he was so broke, he was living out of his van.

The problem was, all the while he was going from one thing to another, he was avoiding doing the one thing he really wanted to do, and that was… to write a book.

Today however, his own story is quite different. He lives in Malibu, California and comes and goes as he pleases, writing a few hours a day and working on his next book at his own pace. He is the best-selling author of not one book, but of several books, and one of his books was made into a major motion picture starring Will Smith and Matt Damon.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to this man and the biggest thing I took away from my conversation with him was a much greater understanding of the essence of procrastination, and how to recognize and overcome it.

See, basically “resistance” is your mind’s rationalization of why you shouldn’t do something — even if it’s good for you. For example, when it’s time to hit the gym, you may think to yourself, “Look, I can workout later. Right now I’m really behind the 8-ball here at work and if I don’t get this stuff done I may not eat next week.”

Or when you’ve got a big project to complete at work, resistance may tell you something like, “Do it later. It’s only going to take 2 hours of dedicated time and you still have 6 hours left today.”

In reality, “resistance” is simply that broken tape recorder that plays in the back of your mind when you can least afford it to. And the problem with resistance is that the bigger potential your project has, the harder resistance is going to work against you, and the more “rational” the excuses to avoid whatever you should be doing, are going to seem.

But after all, since Tolstoy wrote War And Peace while he sat at home with his wife and 12 kids, in reality, no excuse is valid.

The man who spoke to me about all this is Steven Pressfield, author of a number of successful books and Hollywood screenplays, and of one of my absolute favorite books, “The War Of Art.”

Steven is my featured guest on this month’s Audio Success CD, and on this interview, here are a number of other things Steven revealed:

• Why people self-sabotage themselves so often!

• Why resistance is the number one “self-sabotager!”

• How to recognize when resistance is rearing it’s ugly head, before-hand!

• The relationship between resistance and procrastination.

• Some of resistance’s allies.

• The relationship between resistance and being a victim, or as he calls it, “victimhood.”

• The relationship between resistance and selecting a spouse or partner. (This one is incredibly profound, so don’t miss it.)

• A few real-life examples of resistance and rationalization.

• How pervasive resistance really is, with respect to completely changing your destiny, and… the destiny of your children and even their children!

• Resistance’s involvement with life and death.

• Why we are REALLY afraid?

• How to finally get “comfortable” with getting out of your comfort zone!

• And… much much more.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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