Four Gifts From Me, absolutely NO catch at all.

About a week ago, I posted this notice, and since there was such an incredible response, I wanted to make open it up one more time for those folks who missed out the
first time around.

These are probably gifts you’ll want to share with your friends, so feel free to forward this email.

Before I get to the gifts, let me introduce you to a couple of guys I think you should know. I’m actually featured in their upcoming book, which I have right here sitting on my desk in front of me, but I’ll get back to that in just a moment.

These two guys have been called the Penn and Teller of marketing because of their fun and outrageous personalities and the magical results they create with their special brand of marketing. One time I met them at a seminar and they both had bright orange astronaut suits on — now I’m a ballsy guy, but not THAT ballsy!

But, they’re REAL serious about helping people create businesses and lives that are ESP: Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous.

Their names are Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller. They are the nation’s leading experts on attracting customers and the authors of the soon to be released book, Gravitational
Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers.

Like I said, I met Jimmy and Travis several years ago at a seminar, and I can tell you they are very serious about what they do, and put in a tremendous amount of effort to
make things happen. Many times people will look at where someone is at, and think it got their “automatically.” As someone who’s literally buried in the trenches daily, I can tell you this is as far from the truth as thinking Mr. Olympia’s only been weight-lifting a half-hour or so a day, for a few years.

Now let’s talk about those gifts I mentioned earlier!

Here’s the deal: Jimmy and Travis are behind a major publicity blitz to drive their book up multiple bestseller lists. But before this happens, they’ve asked me to help
them with a marketing experiment.

See, there’s a lot of talk these days about book retailers being more concerned with pre-orders rather than a big, one-time, online, smash and grab book promotion. To test this, Jim and Travis asked for my help and they said that they would handsomely reward anyone who participated, and that means YOU — regardless of whether you buy their book or not.

No, you didn’t hear me wrong — to get the gifts you do NOT have to buy anything. I personally DO recommend you go to and pre-order a copy of their Gravitational Marketing book, because it’s an excellent read and has solid information inside.

In fact, it’s such a good book, Jimmy and Travis are going to me my guests on this month’s Audio Success CD Interview (which offline Seductive Selling Newsletter subscribers get). What they revealed about the “bandit” sign technique alone, on page 131 of their book, is worth its weight in gold.

Anyway, they’ve given me some very valuable gifts to share with you for helping them out with their pre-order test. And here are all these gifts you can get access to, right

* Gravity Gift #1: Special Book Excerpts

* Gravity Gift #2: An exclusive audio interview with Jim and Travis about the concept of Gravitational Marketing (R) (an amazing lesson in big idea creation).

* Gravity Gift #3: A digital copy of Jim and Travis’ exclusive article from Millionaire Blueprints Magazine, originally titled, How To Go From Zero Dollars and Zero Customers To A Millyun Dollar Business–Fast!

* Gravity Gift #4: Complimentary registration for a “tell all” live teleseminar with Jim and Travis about how to apply their Gravitational Marketing (R) practices in your

Here’s the link where you can get your hands on all of this material:

Get these gifts now and enjoy. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the book at

Now go sell something, Craig

P.S. Another reason I’m sending this to you, is because like I said, I am actually mentioned in their book. When you get it, check me out on page 76. To be blunt, for the $18 bucks it’s gonna cost you to get their book on (which is like a 10 dollar savings off the cover price), you’d be a fool not to get it. I bought FIFTY
copies of it myself, to give out to friends and clients.

P.P.S. You should know that one of Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller’s big claims to fame is that they have spent over 96 million dollars in marketing to test every lead generation strategy out there. From that, they’ve generated over 12 billion dollars in revenue for themselves and their clients. Not too shabby for two guys who are barely over 30, and barely over 5-feet tall (I kid you not!).

Again, you can pick up all of Jimmy and Travis’ fre.e gifts at

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