For Some, Desperation Is The Mother Of All Action

Some people are inspired to action by important things in their lives. That’s pretty much how I am now.

However, at one point, I was inspired to action by desperation, and I think a lot of people — maybe most people — get their start this way.

Here’s what happened: It was 1990 and I’d just started my first sales job as a recruiter. I was new to sales, new to this industry, and VERY desperate to make money. I had a newborn son at home, a new house to fill up with furniture, and a fat wad of debt piling up interest — fast.

I knew nothing about the business or about selling. All I knew was that I needed to make a ton of dough — fast. Knowing nothing about direct-response, I’d simply go into the office and “dial for dollars.”

I made more cold calls and schmoozed more people than anyone else in that office. Lucky for me, I “give good phone” and so in a short time-frame I was able to establish rapport and start growing a little business, but don’t kind yourself — the only thing I was running on was fear and fire, nothing more.

I didn’t realize the pace I was working at until one day someone from another office was visiting us and he asked me how I was managing to do so well in such a short time, when most of the office was struggling. I told him the truth, that I had a shitload of debt and a young child in tow, plain-and-simple.

The truth is, desperation will never pave a path to riches for you for a number of reasons, but mostly because FEAR can only take you so far. But that’s another subject for another day.

The point is not WHERE you get your emotional “shove” — your motivation is irrelevant. The only thing that counts is that you’re actually IN motion. Much more so than why you’re in motion.

SO, what makes you tick? Why are you doing the things you need to do?

And… why aren’t you?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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