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Over the last few weeks, an enormous amount of subscribers have joined this list.

I realize, when people join a new website in my category (copywriting and marketing strategies), it is VERY difficult to figure out who’s who and if the person’s list you joined, is even a real person.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve set up the media section on my site — to help you get a better handle on who I am:

I also realize, once you are sort of “convinced” the person is the real deal, is competent, and is likely to be ethical… it’s then tough to know if their products are any good, or if those are just hype, too.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than ordering something, hoping it’s going to actually do what it says it’s going to do, and then being let down because the marketing of the product is far better than the actual product itself. Lord knows that’s happened to probably every single person reading this, myself included.

And when the person selling the product is also an excellent copywriter, when it comes down to it, this is sort of a blessing and a curse, because if anyone can make a sow’s ear look like a silk purse, it’s a talented copywriter for sure, right?

And yet… as you go through one sales page after another on my website, perhaps you’re seeing information and products you’d love to have — if only had SOME WAY of knowing they’d contain and deliver all the information they say they will, right?

So, here’s my thoughts on this — hopefully they’ll help you out.

First, know that everything I own… my entire direct-marketing and copywriting skill-set… my entire future retirement… and all the businesses I’m involved with… were all developed and created 100% exclusively out of my investment in my own ongoing education.

And all of my products come with a money back guar-un-tee. I don’t think you should sell anything unless you feel comfortable guar-un-teeing it. After all, if you’re not confident in your own products, how can anyone else be confident in them?

Also know that one of the things I’m well-known for is my intensity and the pride of ownership I put into whatever it is I’m doing — whether it’s writing this e-mail or writing a sales letter. I’m full-on, regardless.

Also — and this is my fault — I tend to promote my newsletter quite often, sometimes to the exclusion of other lower-priced products I have, that don’t require as much work to digest. But here’s why I do this: In my heart of hearts, I believe (and this has been proven with myself, and with nearly all the other most successful people I know, who spend the lion’s share of their time in marketing), that to be a creative marketer, you have to continuously nourish your mind with creative ideas. This is what my newsletter does, and it consistently does this better than any other media or resource I’ve ever seen.

And this is also why I give you a fre.e trial of the newsletter for 30 days, so you can make that decision, and agree or disagree, for yourself.

But even more important than what I think, are the literally dozens and dozens of testimonials that come in here on a regular basis — many of which are posted at

However, if you’d like to get a “taste” of what I’m all about, and for whatever reason, this doesn’t appeal to you, I also have a few other, lower priced products you should be aware of.

One, is my “22 Ways To Eliminate All Your Marketing Headaches”, which… at $67 bucks, is dirt-cheap, especially when you consider you get almost three hours of audio from me included. Plus, you also get a real-life case study of a recommendation I made to a client, which boosted their online sales by 5%, starting immediately.

This strategy literally takes you less than 20 minutes to implement, and benefits you for a lifetime. You can find information on 22 Ways, right here:

Another is my “Magic Marketing Research And Resource Guide,” which is kind of like the “Consumer Reports” of marketing information. You can find this here: and again, at $47 bucks, is an outstanding value if you’re interested in expanding your library and your knowledge.

Lastly, if you’re either interested in how my career got started… how I wound up working with the late Gary Halbert… or how to jump-start anything in your own life that’s for whatever reason, simply slowed down… you’ll want to get your hands on my “How To Make Your Dreams Come True” product. It’s called this because this is exactly what I did, step-by-step, to make my own fantasy world come alive… and it’s the template for how you can do the same thing for yourself.

This product also has some killer sales copy in it, along with a 40-page sales letter I wrote, which arguably will go down in history as the most important and profitable letter I’ve ever written. You can check this out right here:

And based on the responses from the survey I ran a few weeks ago, “getting unstuck” and finding your mojo, are two things LOADS of people on my list seem to need, desperately. So ‘Dreams Come True’ will benefit almost everyone.

If you still have any questions about any of these things, simply post your comment or question to my blog below.

Oh, one more thing. Lots of people wonder if I can’t spell properly. And the answer is, “No, I’m a pretty decent speller.” When you see words misspelled in these e-mails, it’s because they are spam words that would get flagged by any one of a number of sources, and would prevent this e-mail from even getting through to you.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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