Even Betty Crocker’s Doing IT

When you think of Betty Crocker, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re a baby-boomer like I am, “cooking,” right?

Old-style traditional cooking — mom wearing an apron while hustling around the house, in between her cleaning and shopping chores, and fussing over her hubby’s meals is probably what you’re picturing.

But today’s Betty Crocker isn’t like this at all. No siree. She’s one hot seksy smart momma who knows a thing or two about making a few Benjamins.

Apparently, Betty’s in touch with her buyers and with her marketplace. She’s targeting a HUGE variety of buyers using different marketing strategies to reach each segment of the marketplace. (And if you’re not doing the same thing, you are only capturing a very small sliver of your market.)

For example, she’s now got:

* A blog for newbie cooks.

* Online entertaining tips for people throwing or hosting parties.

* An updated edition of her classic “Betty Crocker Cookbook”, now in Spanish as well as English.

* A special “Adult Industry” cookbook for those people who really like to “spice it up.”

Just kidding on that last one, of course.

If Betty Crocker’s doing it, then you need to be doing the same thing — carving up your marketplace into niches and then sending out niche-specific messages to them. You simply can’t eat the whole elephant — no matter how hungry you are. You need to break it up into little pieces and then digest them one at a time.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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