Do THIS, And ONLY This — And That’s It. O.K.?

This past weekend, I spent Saturday morning checking out the very first show of this year’s Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey Circus season’s tour, with my wife and daughter.

It was nothing shy of fantastic, and you’d never know this was the show’s first stop, because from my perspective, everything went off without ANY glitches, and all the performers (human and animal) were incredible.

It was somewhat nostalgic being there — not because I saw the circus as a kid — but because we’d taken my sons to the circus years ago, long before Samantha was born. Now, they were off doing things which had a higher priority in their teenage lives, and the circus was just for “little kids.”

Ahhh… the joys of aging, right?

Since the circus perfectly illustrated several metaphors and examples of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, I’m going to be talking about some of these lessons during the week.

Before we get on with the first lesson though, I wanted to share with you a video testimonial I received over the weekend. I was flattered as I watched this, and you can check out the video either on this web page:

Now let’s talk about success.

I hate rules, but there are a few critical rules you MUST observe and adhere to, if you want to get everything you can out of your business and out of yourself.

See, I was watching the circus very intently, and one of the most impressive aspects of the show was… while one act performed in one area of the ring, there were as many as several dozen assistants, either breaking down an act that had just finished, or setting up for the next act.

This all went on mostly in complete darkness, and every person involved did a separate task. There was no confusion here about who did what. One person hoisted pulleys… another fellow cleaned up some of the “pooh” left from the animals that performed… and still another person wheeled in or dragged out some kind of equipment the next act needed.

They all worked in tandem together, and this made it all possible.

But you know what I didn’t see?

Here’s what I didn’t see: I didn’t see the guys who walked on the high-wire tying all their props up near their wires… I didn’t see the clowns setting up their stage… and I didn’t see the AWESOME trapeze artists stringing up their nets and swings either.

You know why?

The answer is simple: You should ONLY be doing those things you do best — and frankly, those things that make you the most money.

For instance, in my business, the things that make me the most money, are creating, writing, consulting and coaching, marketing, and thinking. And even though I still have to do some other tasks outside of this realm, that are sort of ancillary to getting each of these things done (like speaking to clients on the phone, or setting up a meeting with a JV partner), you’d better believe I focus almost 100% of my time on those 4 or 5 things, period, and that’s it .

I’m not answering phones (unless it’s to speak to a client on a pre-scheduled call)… I’m not making photocopies… and I certainly not posting all those entries into QuickBooks either.

Doing ANY of these things slows you down to a crawl. It doesn’t let you use your energy to focus on the things that get you closer to your goals, allowing you to increase the quality of your life and of your family’s life.

Now don’t get me wrong. There was a time when I did ALL of those things and much much more! And let me be the first one to admit that I hung on to doing LOADS of things, far too long. I hung on because of a combination of fear of the unknown, fear of spending munney to have someone else do it, and PRIMARILY because I wasn’t ready to step up, and when you’re not ready to attract success, you basically stick any two-bit chore in front of you as an excuse for why you can’t break through that invisible glass ceiling you’ve barricaded yourself underneath.

Oh, and in case you’re still at the “afraid of paying someone else to get these things done” stage — rest assured, this will probably be one of the wisest investments you ever make. You see, as you start focusing all your attention on more important tasks, your earnings can’t HELP but go up, because… as Earl Nightingale said in “The Strangest Secret”, “Thoughts… are things.”

You become what you think about, and Lord knows you think about the things you spend the most time doing.

So take a lesson from the worker bees at the circus, and work the asset that’s the most valuable asset you have — and for most people reading this, that’s the space right between your ears that controls all your marketing activity — or not.

The choice is yours.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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