Direct mail copywriting: 3 ways to find gold in your business

I’ve been somewhat out of touch this week because I had the members of the Mastermind Group I run, down here in Tampa over the last couple of days.  We worked hard, and we played hard, and frankly… I’m exhausted.

So today I want to talk about something simple.  I want to talk about research.

Whether you’re a good writer or even if you’re only mediocre when it comes to writing copy and creating sales promotions, the amount and quality of the research you do… is directly proportional to the success you’re going to experience.

Here are 3 places you MUST look into when doing your research.  Any one of them alone will deliver any one of the following components of your promotion:

*  Your headline

*  The entire ‘hook’ or USP (unique selling proposition) for your promotion

*  An unusual component of your process which you can guarantee

*  An effective story line

*  A new marketplace to specialize in

*  Ideas for how to create your actual offer…

*  Your call to action

*  And loads of other ideas to create the sales copy for this promotion.

Research really is the bane of your existence, when it comes to selling in print.

And here are the first three places you should be go, to do your research:

1.  Current ads that are selling similar goods or services to the same marketplace.

And you should be looking for ads both online and offline.  Especially examples of direct mail, if you can find them.

2.  Old ads

Some of the best ‘swipe file’ material you’re going to find is from old ads.  I have literally hundreds of old magazines and books lying around my office, in addition to several filing cabinets worth of this kind of material.

Places I’d look include the following old magazines (prior to 1975 or so – the older, the better):

“Popular Mechanics” magazines… Life Magazine… American magazine (no longer published)… Saturday Evening Post… and oddly enough – virtually any old magazine with “Psychology” in the title.

There are also websites where you can find ads like this as well — check on Google.

3.  Your competition

The smart thing to do, is to become a customer of your competition.  See how their processes work, what they do, and how they treat their customers and clients.

And unlike what some people suggest, you really don’t want to do this to steal their ideas – that’s foolish and it’s not really going to help you anyway.

Chances are outstanding, however, they’re doing something for their customers you’re not.  Identify what this is, and then simply figure out how to do it even better.  And most important, then figure out how to leverage whatever it is you’ve identified, by using better marketing.

Combine these three items with a little creativity… and you’ve got a gold mine to start tapping into.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  “It may be the “Breakthrough Advertising” of our time. It’s THAT good.

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