Chew On This, Spud

Here’s a few interesting facts to chew on and discuss during your day:

* Did you know men are more than twice as likely as women are, to get up and crawl down to retail stores by 4am to try and get bargains the day after Thanksgiving?

Duh! That’s because women don’t know how to program VCR’s and TIVO’s. Now if Bed Bath and Beyond and Target opened up at 4am, you’d have a different story altogether.

* According to consumer company Proctor & Gamble, given the choice, 35% of women would remain 21-30 years old forever, 29% would stay 31-40 years old, 14% would stay 41-50 years old, and 9% would be 51 or older.

Yeah, but 90% of men would wish their women would stay 21-30 years old forever. (I think I’d actually keep mine at her current 44.)

* Talk about a slack adjuster!: Apple owns only 6.1% of the computer market, but… 70% of the digital music devices market. Holy Cow! I just switched over to a Mac and I’ll be setting it up sometime this month, so I’ll let you know how this goes.

* According to the AMA, patients over age 65 are more likely to remember to take their medication when they have to pop it out of a blister pack than when it is in a pill bottle. This makes perfect sense actually. After all, how many times have you gone through someone’s closets in their bathroom and seen dozens of half-empty blister packs lying around?

Not often, right? Proves the survey’s right.

* And lastly, did you know that New York City used to have an “official greeter”? It’s true! Grover Whalen used to greet all the dignitaries and celebrities visiting The Big Apple from 1919 to 1953. In 1954, after they officially unionized, he was replaced by the guys who play 3-card Monte on street corners after rush-hour starts.

Next, chew on this:

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