… But stuff people want, does.

Caught ANOTHER bass last night — just a little peanut — but my daughter liked it anyway. (Doesn’t take much to be a hero to your 7-year old.)

Yesterday we talked about how great ideas don’t sell, and that the ONLY thing that sells is stuff people want to buy, and how these two things really are mutually exclusive.

We also talked about how since you’re going to have to work just as hard to sell a $500 dollar item, as you are to sell something for $997, why not structure your offer, or tweak what you’re selling enough to get that extra cash, since… you only have to put ONE sales letter together for it anyway?

Makes sense, right?

Today I promised you I’d tell you HOW to tweak your offers, to boost your prices, and since I’m admittedly, many things… but a liar isn’t one of them, let’s kick it:

For starters, limiting the special offer to only “X” products, or territories, automatically allows you to increase the value. When there’s less of something available, it’s automatically worth more. The entire antique industry is built on this, as is high-end jewelry, fountain pens, custom homes… and almost custom anything.

So limiting what you have to sell makes it worth a lot more.

Another thing you can do is pile on LOADS of other valuable components to increase the value. In fact, sometimes, you can get related stuff other people use to generate leads, and have them give it to you for nothing, or for a very low price, as incentive for them to get exposed to new customers.

That’s a pretty good idea, right?

And lastly, you can make people qualify before they buy from you, in some way or another. Doesn’t matter what way, but you can figure that one out. The last 3 copywriting projects I’ve worked on I made the prospects qualify before they buy. I’ll leave it up to you to guess whether or not this works.

Have a nice Holiday weekend, and you’ll probably be hearing from me sometime over the weekend with an announcement.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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