Blind — or blind ambition?

Gosh I am busy. I’ve literally got so much going on, my head is spinning. My responsibilities are growing daily, and yet, somehow, I’m now taking more time off with my wife and children.

Yesterday evening, I actually spent some time playing softball and chasing the dogs around the front yard with my daughter.

I guess all the “work more efficient” books and information I’ve been digesting over the last 7 years are finally beginning to pay off.

But you know what?

No one I know EVER feels they’ve shaved enough items off their “to do” list… no one I know EVER feels they’re making what they want to… and no one EVER feels they’re satisfied, for the most part.

This is called BLIND Ambition, and frankly you need to have it, at least for a while, if you want to get anywhere in business — and in your life.

My younger son currently has blind ambition about bodybuilding. A scrawny kid by nature, Casey’s slowly crafting a muscular physique, obsessed about what he puts into his body, and sporting a VERY nice 8-pack of abs to show for his efforts.

This is a kid who — before getting into shape (following his brother who got into shape after losing 60 pounds) — ate more sugar and pure garbage, than any human being I know.

And now he won’t even eat a breaded chicken breast — too many carbs! I thought I’d grow hair again before I’d see this — will wonders never cease?

Blind ambition pays off, few other kinds of ambition do, though.

It’s kind of like an “all or nothing” game here. You either want it all and get a damn good chunk of it, or you meander along, getting a hit here, and a hit there, never really adding up to much in total — especially compared to what you could REALLY do if you put your mind to it and hit consistently.

Which path are you following? Do you have blind ambition?

Or… are you blind to what it really takes to make something of yourself?

Success always looks easier from the outside — but those who get there know it’s anything but. Those who don’t, never find out and it always looks easy to them.

What’s your take on this and how much ambition do you REALLY have?

The choice is yours, so make the right one — NOW, not later.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. What’s the King up to, nowadays?

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