Are you getting medieval on me? No Marcellus, no.

In Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 Academy Award-winning film Pulp Fiction, there’s a scene in it towards the end where Ving Rhames (Did you know “Ving” is actually short for “Irving”?) says, in a moment of retribution, one of the more memorable lines in a movie that’s simply filled with them.

He says, “You hear me talkin’, hillbilly boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn sight. I’m a get medieval on your ass.”

And while he doesn’t literally mean he going to get medieval on the guy’s ass, after the scene that’s just taken place… you can pretty much tell where things are going to go in a few moments.

Now let’s talk about “getting medieval” on someone. Because I think everyone will pretty much interpret this one similarly — basically, there’s going to be some inherent primeval, guttural behaviors taking place, right?

And when you look at inherent behaviors, you’d be surprised at what you find. For instance, do you know how, the night before big sales… or let’s say early morning on the day after Thanksgiving (called Black Friday here in America), how people line up to get “bargains” on sale items?

Well, interestingly enough, behavioral experts have actually identified the rewards of this entire act as some sort of primitive “hunter and gatherer” behavior.

Sounds bizarre, but it’s true. Only instead of bringing home a nice slab of antelope ass for you and the family to dine on, instead you come home with a Wii… and a nice new widescreen to play it on… and a few pairs of panties Victoria’s Secret has on sale. (for you or for your ladyfriend)

And apparently, where in the past, people brag about how much they spent, nowadays they are bragging about how much they saved, in what psychologists are calling a “cultural shift.”

Yes, instead of imitating King Mufasa, we’re imitating Lucy at the checkout counter, and the prey is a sale item. In fact, Dr. Timothy Fong, the director of UCLA’s Impulse Control Disorders Clinic (I hear lots of people out in California have tons of wacky behavioral neuroses.), says that the pain and suffering we go through to get these items — like the time and inconvenience you put yourself through — are now worn like badges of honor.

So if you’re out ALL day, you sort of become the “50 Cent” of the holiday season. Instead of bullet holes, you have receipts… and your scars are inside, from all the bad mall food you’ve eaten during the day.

Know what I think about all this?

I think it’s total bullshit. I believe this is an excellent example of psychologists justifying their value.

Kind of like a fireman (I just watched Rescue Me last night so I’ve got fire fighting on my mind) explaining to you the 99 reasons why people take risks and tempt fire. I’m sure they’re out there, but are they real or simply convenient behavioral coincidences?

Instead, let’s take a look at what’s REALLY going on. I think the psychological term for it is called “a sale” and here’s what happens: See, most people are usually broke and have no money so they like to take advantage of sales. And even though they really aren’t getting the kind of deal that makes things affordable, they think they’re doing something good for themselves.

Then, by buying whatever it is they want, they get to have some kind of experience. Some folks will feel proud… others will feel satisfied… and still others will feel excited. It really doesn’t matter what they feel, the point is, buying something made them feel “something.”

Then they may later on justify their decision to buy with the logical fact that the item was on sale, but who cares about that? After they buy, they are no longer your problem.

This isn’t rocket-science here, just selling 101. I have forty or fifty books right here in my office in front of me that talk about this stuff, not to mention another couple of hundred in my library. NONE of them written a psychologist, or by Marcellus Wallace.

What you need to learn from all this crap is that the ONLY thing that IS going to cause your prospects to do something is when you push some sort of emotional trigger in them — an emotional buy-button if you will. And there is NO better place to learn about pushing these buttons then by studying The Seductive Selling System, which you can find right here:

Here’s what Larry Bartholomew, from Holiday, Florida recently said about this system: “Craig, I hope your recent trip was a blast… When you phoned I indicated that I had not yet “cracked” your stuff open. Well, now I have. I’m through the DVDs and the 2004 Throne book. Now I am working on getting through the 47 Hot Buttons in the Seductive Selling notebook. I’ll be done with everything by this time next week. Brian Deacon told me about you previously so I wasted no time in jumping on your system. Now that I have, it’s obvious how much time and effort you spent building it, and I’m glad I added it to my marketing arsenal.”

Hakuna Matata Simba, Hakuna Matata.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Remember, you don’t need to see a shrink, or be a shrink, to sell. But… you DO need to understand what makes people tick, and there’s NO tool better at revealing this than The Seductive Selling System, and you can get it right here:

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