A must-have 3-step formula for selling

The other day I asked the question, “When is enough?”

If you remember, we were talking about the research involved in writing your marketing material.

Here’s a simple formula to use, to determine when you’ve done enough research.

One, do you know your prospect?

Most people mistakenly only focus on the product or service they are selling, but this is only half the equation. What’s most important is being able to crawl inside your prospect’s mind and uncover the many reasons why they buy this product.

What is the end result they are looking to accomplish?

For example, when someone visits a chiropractor, they don’t want to see the doctor — they want to eliminate pain.

Same thing when someone visits the dentist in many situations.

So first, focus on your prospects most burning desires. You must know what they truly WANT. And make sure you don’t mistake “want” for “need.” Need is irrelevant. People buy what they want, not what they need. In some cases these two are the same, but often they are not, so focus on “wants” only.

Two, once you know what they want, then you need to dig into your product.

Find the most compelling and provocative things about the product that satisfy the prospects wants. What features does your service have that will stimulate their greed glands, and then — most important — uncover the subtle but important differences your product or service offers, that no one else has.

You MUST set yourself apart from your competition, somehow. This makes their choice easy.

And three, you need to turn the features of your product into benefits that satisfy your prospects wants. Then, you identify the emotional buy-buttons of your prospects that you need to push, in order to make the sale.

If you can’t create an emotional trigger — it doesn’t mater how good your product or service is — you are simply NOT going to be able to sell anyone, anything. Remember the cardinal rule of selling: people buy based on emotion, nothing more and nothing less.

Pushing the right emotional buy-buttons opens the doors to life-long relationships. Pushing the wrong ones however, is like pushing the wrong button on the elevator. You get out at the wrong floor, and you wind up going nowhere.

The choice is yours.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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