A $250 Dollar Mistake, yours to keep.

It’s come to my attention that up until yesterday, the price of my Lead Generation Explosion system was listed on the website, at $997.

This is INCORRECT. The only Lead Generation Explosion system that is $997, is the one that is customized for accountants.

The correct amount of this system is only $747 (which you can split into three payments), and in fact, we just got the transcriptions done of the live call, and they are fantastic. Here are just a few things you can look forward to hearing on them:

  • Lots of people feel it’s difficult to sell “prevention” types of services — NOT TRUE! You’ll learn how to sell “confidential” prevention-types of services to upscale professionals: What to say, and… maybe even more important — what NOT to!
  • How to actively use testimonials, while preserving the confidentiality of your clients! Finally revealed: A fail-safe method that actually improves your positioning as a respected authority, and on this call, you get it — lock, stock and barrel!
  • How to re-establish good relationships, after admittedly sloppy service and shoddy workmanship occurred in the past! Taking ownership of your mistakes the RIGHT way, is critical here… at least, if you ever want to get your marketplace to trust you again. And if you think “smooth-talking” is the answer for this one, you’re DEAD wrong!
  • Everyone knows you must use testimonials, but for the first time ever, I reveal the REAL bare-bones reason why! You’ll also be able to figure out other kinds of social proof to use as testimonial-like proof, as well.
  • How to CRIPPLE your competition and have your prospects at your beck-and-call by using humiliation, ego, and vanity! (Sounds nasty, but there’s absolutely NOTHING ethically or morally questionable about this, when used the way I reveal on this call.) Do this right, and you’ll have your prospects eating out of the palms of your hands — this one’s so brain-dead simple it’s not even funny!
  • This very “slick” way of using takeaway selling, by STACKING one part of your services on top of another, lets you get GOBS more money for the same amount of work, and… it creates a surging demand, by using clever psychological manipulation that makes you irresistible!
  • How to make commonplace products, very UN-common! This makes you stand out amongst your competition and de-commoditizes your products (which is essential if you ever want to get away from the “which is cheaper” issue)!
  • How to sell… by telling your prospects what you’re NOT offering! This technique not only gets you better qualified prospects, but it also makes you more valuable to those people who genuinely do want to buy from you.
  • A particularly effective way to use “fear” in your marketing, that scares the crap out of affluent consumers! This one’s so powerful, you’ll need to be very careful just how far you go!
  • A sneaky (but 100% legal) way of using well-known characteristics of your prospects, to unknowingly bond with them, and… to compel them to take immediate action! Manipulative? Yes. Effective? Incredibly!
  • A brain-dead way of creating and developing proprietary systems for your prospects to experience! This is literally the ONLY completely bullet-proof way you can make SURE your competition can’t rip you off.
  • You’ll get to see the genesis of a 2-tier customer service plan, so you can segment your prospects and get more money from them! This model is VERY simple to follow and you can adapt this to ANY business.
  • How to quantify your guarantees and justify using them… or not!
  • Any difference in generating leads appealing to ultra-wealthy people versus blue collar working folk? Find out — the answer is NOT what you’re thinking!
  • A detailed explanation of what “selects” means in the mailing list business, and… how to use this to your advantage, to get a more targeted marketplace to prospect in and sell to!
  • The REAL difference between business-to-business communication, and business-to-consumer communication, and WHY. Get this one down and you’ll profit from it, forever.
  • The BIGGEST mistake people make when selling to new business opportunity seekers, especially online! If you don’t correct this problem, your prospects will simply “disconnect,” because they just won’t EVER be able to understand what you’re selling them.
  • The absolute FASTEST and cheapest way to learn everything you need to know about your marketplace — without slaving over your computer for hours, and without having to spend a small fortune on research material!
  • Most entrepreneurs foolishly believe you need to get LOADS of samples of your competitor’s sales copy, to find out what’s going on. This is INCORRECT! The REAL secret you want to know about your competitors isn’t their copy, it’s their XXX! (Find out on CD3!)
  • A simple 18-word sentence that completely eliminates you ever having to deal with anyone trying to get a “good deal” from you! No more “el cheapo” prospects for you!
  • How to position your programs so NONE of your higher-end prospects EVER wants to go with anything but the top (and presumably most expensive) program! There’s a little psychological secret of the affluent here, that’s the basis of this positioning.
  • If you have “celebrity” or well-known clients or customers, you’ll learn how to get MAXIMUM leverage out of them, with a simple headline ANY business can use, and… you’ll discover the BEST media to use as well! (Hint: You wouldn’t guess this one in a million years!)
  • You already know timing is everything. You’ll discover the CORRECT timing of your mailings, to get as many people on your teleseminars as possible. And more sign-ups, equals… more munney in your pockets!
  • An incredibly simple technique to rapidly speed up and escalate your sales cycle! But you’ve got to have an iron stomach and the ability to say “No” to make this happen.
  • You’ll also get treated to a special “mini mastermind” meeting. If you’ve never attended a meeting like this, you’ll get to see just how INCREDIBLY productive it is, and how many unique ideas come out of a “like minded” gathering of successful individuals! This is a RARE glimpse “behind the scenes,” so take advantage of it, NOW!

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Here’s one of the most recent testimonials on this product, from Wes Murph. Wes was also on the live call and asked some VERY important questions:

“Craig, just finished going through Lead Generation Explosion and your introductory Seductive Selling newsletter package. I own a NUMBER of different marketing packages from different people, and all I can say is, your stuff is flat out amazing. THE best on the market. Thanks.” Wes Murph – Redondo Beach, California

Again, take advantage of that $250 dollar mistake right away, by going to http://www.kingofcopy.com/leads

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